HTV digital advertising data platform opened and launched globally at the same time

HTV's destruction mechanism, the first in the world, is a charming community node with small investment and large return.

Shmulik Markus, founder of HTV digital advertising data platform, established HTV media in 2018 with talents from various financial fields. HTV media connects advertisers, media and developers, improves the settlement efficiency of advertising business, reduces the loss of advertising traffic fraud, de intermediary agent, and allows all parties involved in digital advertising to share the maximum revenue. Under the joint efforts of the team and innovation, combined with the subversion of blockchain in the field of advertising, a complete set of advertising media ecological chain has been designed, so that all participants can easily earn high returns in this ecosystem.

HTV has issued 480 million shares in the whole network, with 30 million shares in the early market, 90 million in the first year, and 10 million in the next nine years. There are 1000 community nodes in the whole HTV network. Each community node can carry up to 100000 miners. There are 10 million miners in the whole network. Each miner needs 100u of HTV to activate. After activation, 90% of HTV will be destroyed until the destruction reaches 48 million (the world's first activation of miner consumption mechanism). 10% will be awarded to the directly affiliated community nodes. Each miner will work for 90 days, about 3.6 billion per year U's funds are used to destroy HTV, and the value of HTV in the future is unlimited.

How to realize wealth multiplication and wealth freedom in HTV?
1. Become a community node
2. Community node can obtain 10% of HTV activated by all miners in the community node (100000 miners × 10u = 1 million U)
3. Community node can obtain 10% of the mining income of all miners in the community node
4. The community node can obtain 10% of the mining revenue of all the miners in the tight second generation community node

Advantages of HTV media public chain
1) Build a refined public chain, and promote the vigorous development of "blockchain + industry"
2) Promote ecological construction based on token

HTV development plan
2020 Q2: online advertising platform
Q4 2020: the official app is online, and more smart contract templates that meet the unique advertising needs of advertisers are put on the HTV system advertising platform;
2021 Q1: integrated development of public chain, development of minimum verifiable model, system internal test;
2022 Q3: beta version test was launched, advertisers and target users were invited for trial, and the user network was initialized through traditional advertising push mode;
2023 Q3: provide SDK access for SSP, and put htv system media distribution platform into operation;
2024 Q2: the decentralized task flow function is deployed online to realize real-time advertising bidding (RTB);
SDK development, to provide data access for the advertiser CRM system, data analysis platform online;

Main investment sponsors of HTV
Fidelity Fund, based in Singapore, aims to gain diversified contacts with the blockchain ecosystem while providing its investors with unique co investment opportunities and proprietary trading processes. The co founders of Fidelity Fund and HTV CEO said they would explore more high-quality blockchain projects to jointly build an advertising alliance ecosystem with Fidelity Fund and HTV platform.

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