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According to statistics released by the Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment in the disc jockey or announcer fields are expected to grow by 7 percent between 2010 and 2020, with the experienced, formally trained announcers having the best job prospects in the field. With this in mind, Jason Benson, spokesperson for How To DJ Fast, an online site devoted to teaching others how to enter into the Disc Jockeying field, says getting started out on how to become a DJ can be very confusing.

Says Benson, part of the goal of any good DJ is to create a brand. "Your goal is to be more than a DJ; it is to be a brand, a name, a DJ with tons of followers. That’s a tall order for someone with fresh DJ skills and almost no business experience, but it is not impossible. The moment you’ve settled on your DJ name you should also be creating your brand, and living it on stage. Are you a well-dressed DJ who looks like he or she always knows where the best parties are? Or are you the laid back DJ in casual clothing who’s ‘all about the music’? It doesn’t matter what your brand, your persona is, all that matters is that you work hard to brand it."

But many wonder where the first place for any young DJ to start. Benson is adamant. "There is one simple answer many newcomers don't want to hear: DJ courses. That’s right; DJ courses can actually teach you quite a lot about becoming an accomplished performer, a seasoned producer and advancing your career. Passion is only part of what you need to become a successful DJ; determination and a willingness to succeed are parts as well, but then there is learning how to DJ. DJ courses can give you great insight into what you need to succeed as a DJ."

Begun in early 2004 by DJ Sean Gallagher, the DJ took his easily approachable personality and parlayed it into a lucrative career. Many aspiring DJs were frustrated because they wanted to learn how to DJ but didn't know how. They didn't know what DJ equipment to buy or how DJ mixing worked. Since he started helping aspiring DJs, Sean has answered a whole range of questions and has advised DJs on how to become full-time rockstar DJs. A free email course is offered through the site with thousands of DJs now subscribed and learning everything from basic mixing tips and techniques to step-by-step instructions on how a DJ can get big, local and international gigs.

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