Launches, Offering Answers to the World’s Most Tantalizing Questions

Q&A site lets people ask and answer pressing questions on a wide variety of subjects launched today, offering visitors answers to the most tantalizing of questions. How did Charles Manson die? What did “Bloody Mary” look like? These, and hundreds of other questions are posed on the site. Visitors can help with answers to the virtually unlimited number of “how did?” questions on this Q&A website.

“The words ‘how did’ are at the root of our natural curiosity as human beings,” said a spokesperson for the site. “How did this happen? How did this person die? We want to know… and now, there’s a site to answer these endless, fun and interesting questions.” asks and answers such varied questions as “How did people wake up before alarm clocks existed?”; “How did Freddie Mercury contract AIDS?”; “How did Amber Hagerman Die?”; “How did Charles Manson die?”; and “How did Captain America age in Endgame?” It then goes on to ask, “How did Kurt Cobain kill himself?” and “How did Ted Bundy Die?”

In an interesting historical Q&A example, the site asks, “How did Al Capone die?” A site visitor provided a detailed answer, which covers the notorious mobster’s rise and fall. It describes how the federal government prosecuted him for tax evasion in 1927 and sent him to prison. The answer then reveals that Capone actually died from dementia related to syphilis in 1947.

Another celebrity death Q&A on the site covers the tragic end to singer Marvin Gaye’s life. On April 1, 1984, he was shot to death by his father Marvin Gay Sr. The incident took place at his house in Los Angeles after an argument.

About is a Question and Answer (Q&A) website that enables site visitors to ask and answer questions from one another. It is open to any topic, though the site prohibits hate-speech and slander.

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