How will blockchain 3.0 develop in the future? Four ecosystems of QYBC will subvert the traditional finance

QYBC will reshape the industry rules such as payment, and the four ecosystems of QYBC will subvert the traditional finance.

Since Facebook published related information of libra (cryptocurrency of Facebook) in the middle of June 2019, libra, as a stable coin, has begun to be faced with overwhelming queries, becoming a hot topic worldwide. Facebook has billions of registered users, and the libra project has touched the existing ecosystems of many parties, so the “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” have become a global hot word for search, and people concerned about the blockchain field have a growth spurt.

In recent years, few people have been concerned about the blockchain technology, which is the core underlying technical framework of libra. In essence, blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger, and a new application mode of computer technologies such as distributed data storage, peer-to-peer transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and so on. Meanwhile, blockchain is also an important concept of BTC. As the underlying technology of BTC, blockchain is a series of associated data blocks generated by using the cryptography method. Each data block contains the information of a batch of BTC network transactions. It is used for verifying the validity of information and producing the next block.

The blockchain 2.0 means the smart contract represented by ETH and XRP, or can be understood as “programmable finance”, which is an application to analyze and optimize the usage scenarios and processes in the financial field. If the blockchain 1.0 is to build the monetary system, then the blockchain 2.0 is to build the smart contract system, including development and application, which is a great progress based on the blockchain 1.0.

The practical exploration related to the blockchain 3.0 in the future also has some powerful projects, including NEO and BTM centering on the asset registration, YOYOW and INK centering on the content copyright, IOTA and WTC centering on the Internet of Things (IoT), XEM and OMG centering on the payment concept, **DEX that is a decentralized exchange, etc. These projects of practical exploration are making constant endeavors. Besides, with the constant breakthrough of the blockchain technology, the commercial projects in each field are making continuous innovation.

QYBC will reshape the industry rules such as payment, and the four ecosystems of QYBC will subvert the traditional finance.

Ecosystem 1: Technology Ecosystem

The block speed of QYBC, the new commercial basic pubic blockchain established based on the DAG underlying technology, is 1,000ms. QYBC supports high concurrent transactions, fast transaction confirmation, and advanced declarative smart contract. Its own technological advantage is a great ecosystem. Just like good money drives out bad money, the steady QYBC basic public blockchain will attract more and more blockchain projects to construct their own application on the QYBC public blockchain and realize their commercial value. The full name of DAG technology is Directed Acylic Graph, which is a data structure commonly used in the computer field. Owing to its unique topological structure, DAG is often used for processing the dynamic planning, obtaining shortest path in navigation and other scenarios. In the blockchain field, DAG is used for solving the capacity expansion problem. Many forks will be generated by increasing the block size or block frequency in the network, but attackers still need 51% of hash rate to attack, so the stability and security of blocks can be guaranteed.

Ecosystem 2: Token Ecosystem

QYBC is the leader of the blockchain 3.0 era, and QYBC token is an indispensable medium for the development and operation of the basic public blockchain. By using the uniform basic monetary system, QYBC will issue a total of 10 billion ERC20 tokens based on ethereum before the major network goes live officially. QYBC is the token of basic public blockchain for the global business. Adhering to the principle of community self-governance and decentralized management, based on the scientific allocation of cross investment and flexible usage, QYBC token plays a great facilitation role in increasing and displaying the QYBC token value in the future.

Ecosystem 3: Community Ecosystem

QYBC has innovated the community development concept to help community creators to create the community better, enhance the community credibility, as well as stimulate and help community co-builders to rapidly increase community users and manage community. As the overall QYBC ecosystem becomes more and more mature, and empowers the substantial economy really, more and more users will be attracted to pay attention to blockchain and digital currency. The QYBC ecosystem encourages community self-governance, and the QYBC Foundation will take 10% from its token system as a community motivator, which will be used for QYBC community stimulation and construction, including all developers and builders of the whole ecosystem.

Ecosystem 4: Mining Ecosystem

The blockchain projects are divided into two types, including pre-mining and continuous mining. Constant mining of community should be ensured in the continuous development of project, which is an important factor for guaranteeing the safe development of project. In the token ecosystem of QYBC new commercial basic public blockchain, 50% will be used for rewarding mining and block production on the main chain of QYBC. In the environment of blockchain 3.0, there must be a large number of blockchain applications going live on the QYBC public blockchain. The QYBC mining ecosystem has innovated the mining mode, combined the advantages of PoW and PoS (Proof of Stake) on the basis of saving energy, and ensured the mining time of QYBC to last long. While guaranteeing the safe and stable development of its commercial public blockchain in the blockchain 3.0 environment, QYBC has been a pioneer in the comprehensive application era of blockchain 4.0.

The commercial public blockchain of QYBC has completed the execution of blockchain ecosystem application schemes for dozens of enterprise-class organizations both at home and abroad. QYBC hopes to make all commercial applications operate on the QYBC public blockchain smoothly in a way of “extreme lightness, top speed and great easiness”, thus making blockchain become a life style accepted by the general public. In the future, QYBC will provide services for all enterprises and individuals. It is believed that the convenient, stable, rapid, safe, expandable and world-oriented new commercial basic public blockchain will subvert the traditional finance, empower the real economy and promote the social development.

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