How to Get Organized & Manage Your Business Contacts #2 in a 4 Part Series

Many people spend a massive amount of time attending events and networking and then never take the time to follow up with the potential business alliances that they met. Others simply have piles of business cards lying around with no real knowledge about who or what potential these cards represent. During the upcoming Google Hangout professional organizer Kathi Burns and electronic broadcasting mogul Alex Mandossian will present tactics to get organized and manage your business contacts and create your own personal and workable million dollar database.

Almost everyone has a pile, or two, or three, of random business cards lying around and gathering dust. The sad truth is that when we need to reconnect with someone we recently met, it can take a huge amount of time and energy to find their contact information.

It doesn't matter whether it is a new person being asked out on a date or a potential business partner, having contact information at ones fingertips always pays off. Developing and maintaining a good database saves time and potentially cane make someone a great deal of money.

Another potential business pitfall is promising follow up and then forgetting and or losing that person's information. There is nothing professional about offering to take action and then failing to get back in touch.

How to Get Organized and Manage Your Business Contacts with Alex Mandossian and Professional Organizer Kathi Burns

” is the second of four Get Organized Hangouts, Alex Mandossian, electronic broadcasting mogul and Kathi Burns Professional Organizing expert will explore different methods for tracking and organizing business and personal connections.

All of these tips are based on principals from Kathi's Amazon best selling book How to Master Your Muck ~ Get Organized. Add Space To Your Life. Live Your Purpose!

Everyone who attends this hangout will be given a free download of the digital book Get Organized & Manage Your Business Contacts and can also participate in a competition to win a free copy of the entire book How To Master Your Muck! Kathi and Alex will host their second of the upcoming three Google hangouts “ How to Get Organized and Manage Your Business Contacts with Alex Mandossian and Professional Organizer Kathi Burns ” Thursday March 27th at 9 am PST (pacific time). Click the link below to reserve a seat and register for the other events scheduled in this Get Organized Hangouts Series. Attendees will receive a free digital book when for each session attended. Click here to register for event -

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