How to Evaluate the Imaginary Space of JDE?

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FDG can integrate homogeneous blockchain game resources through chain technology.

When NFT is Topical, How to Evaluate the Imaginary Space that JDE, the DeFi+NFT Game Provider, Provides?

If you have missed the Polkadot at the beginning, and the Defi at the middle of this year, still, you can focus on the first wave of the wealth code after entering the autumn in 2020——NFT.

The whole name of NFT is Non-Fungible Token, also called non-homogeneous token, which is in contrast to the homogeneous token. The simplest homogeneous token is BTC or ETH. While NFT is a kind of special token that has its own exclusive identification, and each is unique and inseparable.

The most famous example of NFT is the CryptoKittes issued in 2017. In this game, each kitty corresponds to an NFT token on the chain, with its own unique ID and gene, combining a unique image and temperament, etc. At that time, the most expensive cat had sold for a sky-high price at hundreds of thousands of RMB.

Inspired by this, there have been many NFT featured projects.


MANA (Decentraland) is a distributed shared virtual platform. In this platform, users can read and find information, and can communicate with other people or groups. Users can also claim ownership of virtual territory through the land ledger based on blockchain. Territory is defined by rectangular coordinates (x, y), and its owner can decide what content to publish on it, including interactive systems like static 3D scenes and games.


Enjin is the largest online game community authoring platform, focusing on content management systems and forum creators, with each community store selling millions of dollars of virtual goods each month. Now, they are trying to transform the existing business with blockchain. The Enjin Coin allows players, content creators and game publishers add virtual goods to provide value for games and communities.

3.SAND/The Sandbox

The sandbox is a virtual game world. With the functional token SAND, which is generated basing on the Ethereum, players can create different games and enjoy different experiences, also they can gain benefits from them. Through Sandbox Game Maker, players can create digital assets (nonhomogeneous tokens, also known as NFT), then upload them to the store, and create a game experience through simple drag and drop.

4.FDG (Future Digital Games)

FDG can integrate homogeneous blockchain game resources through chain technology. Blockchain game based on FDG has characteristics of NFT (General nonhomogeneity certificate), thus the game resources can be shared together. FDG game assets are valid in different games, because FDG assets are chain assets, which do not belong to the game manufacturers, but belong to users.

5.JDE (Just for Decentralization)

Just for Decentralization (General certificate JDE, hereinafter referred as JDE Protocol) is an aggregator that can provide complete DeFi protocol. JDE Protocol is also called “Full Stake DeFi”, the DeFi application fields supported by it include but are not limited to: DEX, loan, payment, game, mining and insurance, etc.

It is creative for JDE Protocol to make the Game Ecology, which is an ecosystem for players, CP (game manufacturers) and traditional enterprises. It composed of three essential factors: JDE Protocol-GAME editor, market and games.

For a Customer, JDE Game Ecology can provide him interesting and diversified game applications, and at the same time, impels him change from a newbie to a experienced user with encrypted assets quickly.

What’s more important is that, JDE protocol can support the creation, storage and trading of the NFT assets.

Imaging that all the created figures, gold coins and props dropped from killed monsters in JDE Game Ecology shares the NFT attribute, and all of these are unique. They belong to you, and you can directly make auction for flat money through JDE on the chain, what would it be like, such an exciting thing it will be.

As there are more and more players in JDE Game Ecology, the demand and consumption of JDE is also increasing, which will promote the real value of JDE, so as to ensure that the benefits of players, coin holders, NFT asset owners and value investors continue to grow steadily.

For the Business, they can enter into JDE Game Ecology through open API.

All the enterprises, game manufacturers, game communicators, game acceptance merchants, etc. can enter into the DeFi ecosystem provided by JDE Protocol from the game portal page considering their actual business:

1) Simply use all kinds of DeFi applications

2) Develop your own DeFi application using the complete technology protocol of DeFi

3) Connect your traditional business to JDE Game Ecology directly

We are bound to say that, the ecological business scenarios of JDE Protocol game has foundation and can still increase, can appear online and offline. There are opportunities everywhere and gold is everywhere. While taking full advantages of its entrance, it really has reflected the essence of open finance.

According to, the NFT digital collection and trading platform, Rarible, has traded 2010.16 pieces in the past seven days (At current market prices, it's about 680,000 dollars), which ranked first, and the total ETH trading amount has reached to 10422.34.

In the field of NFT, JDE was the first one to propose the flexible mining mode, and launched the JDE token for platform management.

According to official data, the total number of JDE tokens is 10 million. 79% of these tokens are distributed to community flexible mining participants, 5% to technical teams, 1% to community private placement, 5% to insurance pool and 10% to DAO autonomous community ecology fund.

Right now, the NFT is still in its early stages, each blockchain is developing its own NFT protocol, and among these protocols, a dominant monopoly haven’t occurred. We think to combine it with physical property rights is still too early, but trotting across the field and waiting for its explosive development won’t seems too impatient.

And in so many NFT projects, JDE stands out as a comprehensive DeFi+NFT platform. It has a huge increment potential and is worth pursuing!

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