How to Become a Ticket Broker is Made Easy With Bestselling Guide

Bestselling eBook "Ticket Broker Blueprint" has made learning how to become a ticket broker a breeze, and in the year 2014, it continues to be the #1 resource for aspiring ticket brokers.

Over the past 10 years, ticket brokering has evolved from a largely unregulated industry with a questionable reputation to a multi-billion dollar powerhouse. Due to the virtual monopoly held by Ticketmaster (owner of LiveNation) and eBay (owner of StubHub), every year countless entrepreneurs look to become middlemen between these two companies as ticket brokers.

Written by Brandon Baker, Ticket Broker Blueprint has helped thousands of readers learn how to become a ticket broker and start their own ticket broker business in hopes of carving out their piece of the pie in this growing industry. Baker explains, "When I first got started as a ticket broker, it was kind of the Wild West of the internet. I knew the industry was thriving but It didn't come with an instruction manual. After seeing how much money there was to be made by simply standing in between Ticketmaster and eBay, I sought out to write the manual myself. I never expected it to be as popular as it is today."

An experienced ticket broker himself, Baker has witnessed the evolution of ticket brokers over the course of his 10 years in the industry. "I used to get dirty stares when I told people I was a ticket broker. There was no respect for brokers 10 years ago. Despite our love-hate relationship with companies like eBay and StubHub, they've done an excellent job legitimizing our profession and democratizing what used to be quite an exclusive business."

Baker isn't the only one encouraged by the upswing in the ticket resale business; many of his readers have made full-time incomes from simply buying and reselling tickets at a markup.

"Just last week someone emailed me saying he was able to snag front row tickets to a Lady Gaga show at American Airlines Center in Dallas using the techniques he read in my book. It's emails like that that make it all worth it, because I know he's going to walk away a few thousand dollars richer from just that sale."

By most measures, the forecast for the ticket brokering industry looks healthy heading into 2014. Industry insiders have estimated StubHub's revenue last year at nearly half a million dollars and numbers only continue to grow as the economy slowly recovers. All of this bodes well for ticket brokers across the country as well as those looking to break into this industry.

For more information, visit TheTicketsGuide where Brandon Baker writes for his popular ticket brokering blog.

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