How Mortgage Lender Jason Solowsky Is Creating New Homeowners In A Post-Covid World

Jason Solowsky shares how he and The Liberty Union Team at Homebridge Financial services are helping buyers outbid other offers in this buyer's market.

The United States is emerging from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, and the real estate market hasn't been this hot in decades. This market will only get more competitive, and on the frontlines, mortgage lenders like Jason Solowsky navigate this seller's market to help buyers get their offers accepted.

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Solowsky uses his comprehensive knowledge of mortgages and properties to help his clients qualify for loans that include protection against interest rate rises in the future. He cites the pandemic as an example of how unpredictable life can be and the need to ensure stability.

"Due to the competitive market with multiple buyers and low inventory, it is harder for buyers to get their offers accepted than it was before the pandemic," Solowsky says. "My team and I have been helping our clients stand out from other buyers to win bidding wars and make the dream of homeownership a reality for every customer, every day."

Solowsky provides a wide range of lending options for multi-family residences, condos, refinances, first-time homebuyers, "lock and shop" mortgages of set interest rates, and so-called jumbo mortgages.

However, one of the keys Solowsky's team takes advantage of to get their buyers' offers accepted consistently is the Power Purchase Program. "I know how to quickly and correctly lock incredibly favorable rates in early for borrowers," he says. "We fully underwrite and approve every client because this guarantees that they will receive the lending offer that is strongest for them."

The Power Purchase Program provides two major benefits to their clients. First, they lock in their rate. When rates increase, purchasing power decreases, so quickly locking in these favorable rates is in the best interest of their clients.

Second, fully processing and underwriting buyers gives them the edge to stand out from the rest of the offers because an approved loan is as good as a cash offer for the sellers.

This streamlines the process for a seamless purchase at a favorable rate. Clients with this real purchasing power outbid other buyers who don't have a team like Solowsky's backing them up.

Although Solowsky's services are available to anyone, he takes particular pride in his ever-expanding client base of frontline workers. From law enforcement to firefighters and from teachers to healthcare workers, state troopers, and others, he is aware of the burdens they have faced during the pandemic and is determined to see them repaid for the good they do in the community.

Helping would-be homeowners drives his work
Solowsky, who got his start in the mortgage sector in 2005, and his team get personally invested in each client's mortgage, using their first-rate skills and understanding of real estate and loans to ensure favorable terms for the would-be homeowner. Thanks to that same skill set, they can also accelerate the entire process from pre-approval to closing.

The around-the-clock support and accessibility Solowsky and his team offer all clients is another reason they continue to build solid word of mouth that no advertising campaign could beat. That non-stop commitment to clients has seen the business grow year on year. This team has maintained its momentum throughout the pandemic and has every intention to take that momentum into 2022.

"Buying a home is one of the most important decisions that someone will ever make. Being able to guide people into getting the right property at the best rates and terms is what attracted me to this industry, and it's what drives me to work my hardest every day," he says.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Jason Solowsky.

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