How Gene Technology Benefits from Blockchain Project CMS (Chromosome)

CMS (Chromosome)is the world's first blockchain project that applies blockchain technology to the life and health entity industry.

In 2003, when humans first completed whole-genome sequencing (the "Human Genome Project" HGP), it took 13 years and cost 3.8 billion U.S. dollars. Now with the rapid development of gene sequencing technology, the cost of sequencing has been reduced.

Similarly, compared with traditional legal currencies, distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency have also brought unexpected surprises. Gene technology and blockchain ecosystem have gradually developed and matured. What impact will blockchain have on gene technology?

CMS (Chromosome)is the world's first blockchain project that applies blockchain technology to the life and health entity industry. It uses the characteristics of consensus, decentralization, anonymous transactions, openness and transparency, non-tamperability, and privacy calculations to build a new business model for existed gene technology, which makes each ecological role not only the main body of value creation, but also a cooperative community of interests.

The CMS (Chromosome) genetic engineering network is a blockchain network with genetic data storage and application as its core business ecology. Its business model involves blockchain, life and health, and artificial intelligence (AI). In a nutshell, CMS (Chromosome) is based on blockchain application technology with main purpose to:
-Build the world's most valuable gene database
-Promote the widespread application of gene big data in the field of life and health
-Benefit mankind with the achievements of scientific and technological innovation
To drive the development of genetic technology by using blockchain technology, CMS (Chromosome) supports the dual incentives of POW+POS. The main node is composed of the world's top bioengineering laboratories, and holding a certain amount of CMS (Chromosome) token can also apply to become the main node (POS). In the future, CMS (Chromosome) will build a community, serve different patients around biomedical technology, and conduct corresponding online community exchanges.

Similarly, CMS (Chromosome) will establish a investor community, whose members can obtain investment income from holding CMS (Chromosome) token, and will be provided with more biomedical protection for their health or the health of their family members.

As a fair, just, and autonomous genetic engineering network, the business scope of CMS (Chromosome) covers bioengineering research, results confirmation, vaccine development, vaccine sales, sales revenue sharing, etc. Through data sharing, CMS (Chromosome) can effectively reduce scientific research costs, increase the diversity of scientific research directions, and integrate resources from multiple sources.

Since the earliest days of America’s Covid-19 crisis, Anthony Fauci, the White House’s top coronavirus expert and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said that — best case scenario — a vaccine could be ready within a year to 18 months.

CMS (Chromosome) believes that the development of vaccines led by experts can greatly reduce the harm of such viruses. Therefore, CMS provides a platform for scientific research personnel to develop vaccines,and offers sales services through the platform to shares the sales revenue with users. Investors can obtain investment income from holding CMS(Chromosome) token, which provide more biomedical protection for their future health or for their family members.

CMS (Chromosome) is committed to creating a new medical and pharmaceutical ecosystem. With the aid of blockchain distributed accounting, an open, transparent, and non-tamperable data system is provided, and a new type of multi-agent mutual trust model has been established based on this.

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