How Bnb Academy and Ludovico Cianchetta Vazquez can make you Millions

For Ludovico Cianchetta Vazquez a great team is always the key to success. Whenever working in a team made of business partners or just of employees, it is important to create a successful team where each person owns a unique set of skills.

Vazquez is the only professional guru of the short-rental market in Europe, meaning basically that there is no competition. He entered an empty market and created success in less than one year creating a super successful company. This is why it will now be difficult for others in Europe to compete with his long-standing success in the industry.

He has never turned down a client as clients are the most precious things for an entrepreneur. Vazquez took a lot of inspiration for his amazing customer service system from bigger companies such as Apple or Amazon. Those companies are both customer-obsessed and for his company he has two main factors that are most important to him, those being profit and customer satisfaction.

Vazquez’s first real entrepreneurial project was with his company Adappt. This brand sold an adapter to wear as normal straps on Apple Watches. Today it may look like a normal accessory, but in 2015 it was a revolution. Unluckily the crowdfunding he made didn’t reach the $50,000 goal that he had set and achieved only $34,000 which is still a great achievement for a 17-year old guy with no experience.

Vazquez’s life in general is his biggest success. At 24 years Vazquez can count several startups created, most of them revolutionized the market and achieved incredible numbers, and without all these different experiences he wouldn’t have been what he is today.

Vazquez is also proud to announce that he has launched a new brand with his business partner Francesco Crema, creating a new course for the public. Book Academy is a new project that teaches others how to make money from Amazon from selling books that have been written by ghostwriters. This was created after his BnB Academy project did well. BnB focused his course on how to make money by renting out places on amazon. Both courses have hundreds of satisfied customers who will mainly purchase both.

“Right now, no,” Vazquez said when asked about retirement.

Vazquez prefers to continue achieving more ambitious objectives, however he has a retirement plan in case he changes his mind: he plans to invest so he has streams of passive income if he ever decides to hang it up. Vazquez wants to be known for being the most important teacher of online marketing and businesses, who helped thousands of people to achieve financial freedom thanks to his Academies.

“Always believe in yourself, and remember to ignore people who say that you’re doing it wrong. Always fight for your ideas and projects and when you achieve amazing results, the same people will congratulate you,” Vazquez said when asked about tips for newcomers in the industry.

We are so incredibly proud to see how far Vazquez has gotten in the last few years for such a young entrepreneur. He defined all odds in Europe by becoming a well known recognizable figure in the public and we can’t wait to see how well he will continue doing in the future. To learn more about Vazquez, go check him out @nudovico

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