Hottest new botanical blend getting worldwide attention for its potent and powerful ability to generate deeper connections

The world's most luxurious scent that promotes attractiveness through nature & mesmerizing sillage has been created.

Most new scents come from powerhouse insiders with massive multinational advertising campaigns featuring some of the world's most famous celebrities.

But a game-changing new product has the potential to become the hottest new fragrance by bringing a unique, all-natural botanical-based perfume to the market.

Created by industry outsiders, this new product is also more than just a pleasant smell; it is the keystone to lasting relationships through the use of highly sought-after botanicals sourced from around the globe including “OUD”, a botanical more costly than gold.

"I wanted to create a perfume that promotes attractiveness through botanicals and mesmerizing sillage," said creator Leia Graf. "This product accomplishes that lofty goal and more. Through sophisticated techniques, we formulated a product that empowers and enriches connections. It's an undeniably powerful tool for life."

The net effect of the formula is a powerful product that ensures your presence is desired through subtle suggestions of ambiance created by a perfect blend of aromatic botanicals, carried by an exceptionally well-paired diffusion matrix.

"As you experience this premier product, you will desire nothing else," Leia said. "What we have created is so expertly crafted we believe it will be an instant favorite. And with intense emotional connection in mind, appropriately acquired the domain name simply,”.

It's a product developed with a global outlook at the aromatics of botanicals and the way they interact into a luxurious scent that fosters attractiveness through nature."

Throughout history, people have used botanicals to attract unconditional love into their life, Anthropological studies have shown this. They would often buy 'Love Potions' at an apothecary, from a peddler, or their local herbalist.

While the exact formation is a highly guarded trade secret, Leia said the formulation includes rare tree amber, Himalayan exotic blossoms and forest Oud.

Amber is an ancient ingredient known for its resonant properties and indistinct emanations. "I am enamored with how it interacts with the botanicals to give the perfume an elusive richness".

Each bottle contains a fragrance that infuses the mind with true confidence, attraction and empowerment through complex ingredients. Each release of the fragrance immediately saturates the surrounding air with great vigor and lively ambiance.

The beautiful Himalayan blossoms merge with the amber to create an extraordinary sillage as puffs of the natural scent present a commanding vibe and vibrance. Sourcing this incredible marvelous flower was in itself a rewarding journey," Leia said. "You can sense the majestic power in its aromatic. You can glimpse the towering heights. The Himalayas are at the top of the world, and now this prodigious spice will lift others around the globe."

The forest Oud helps ground the incense of the perfume with a rich yet easy complexity.

"It's a tremendous richness that the forest Oud brings," Leia said. "Nature pure and simple ushers the connection between people. It's a floral primal smell. More an urge, really. The basis of attraction comes from the complexity of nature and the Oud generates that reality in this perfume."

"We use only the finest natural ingredients available for Love Potion," Leia said. "It is reminiscent of gazing across seas, hillsides, bridges and piers during a slow romantic sunset or under glistening stars."

Along with the rest of the distinctive formulation, the scent lays a path to rich emotional connections.

"Feeling attractive and empowered, the wearer receives a silent sense of direction such that they can wield an invigorated persona for maximum profiting and exploits," Leia said. "' Love Potion' is a rare combo of exclusives filled with a dynamic of adventure within you to share and thereby imparts in you a precedented gusto arming you with enthusiasm and power to explore your immediate and distant worlds. With Love Potion, there are no more barriers".

Now that the final product formula has been locked in and is now available to help build brand awareness, Love Potion by Pheromone House is currently being sold for $49.

"It's no surprise to us that the product is in such high demand. There is simply nothing like it available on the market now. It's that powerful and that distinctive. It will steal your attention and demand an audience. It's truly that powerful. I am beyond thrilled we are now getting this product to market. The concoction would be a value at any price but purposefully got the cost as low a possible so that as many people as possible would be able to access the benefits of the powerful blend".

"We are certain that the product itself will be its best marketing," said. "So we made it as available as possible. Major houses would charge a fortune for this product with the high priced botanicals, but we instead work for the consumer and believe we can be a force to help people make the most important connections in their lives. Love Potion can spur attraction and desire, so it shouldn't be only for the super-rich."

And while the product can not guarantee a love connection, recent research shows how vital the chemical link is between individuals as they build relationships.

"More and more, we are beginning to understand the complex scents that nature plays in developing feelings of love," Leia said. "But we have the ability to utilize the knowledge we have to create a fundamentally different product.

"We took our knowledge and developed a prestigious scent that is more powerful than anything like it and will impact more than just a consumer's countenance. It will generate a more affable persona. This product can develop a more outgoing and forward-thinking person by increasing the depth of love connections.

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