Hottest Miami Bootcamp Gym Tops Franchise Opportunities in Atlanta

One of the hottest franchise opportunities in the country is looking at the metro Atlanta area for its most recent franchise push. Legacy Fit, Miami's number one bootcamp gym is focused on a franchise expansion into the ATL.

The number one Miami bootcamp gym, Legacy Fit, is poised to franchise into Atlanta, Georgia. One of the hottest franchises in the country, according to Entrepreneur Magazine, Legacy fit is currently offering top franchise opportunities in Atlanta, Miami and throughout the southeast. Already establishing franchises in the south, founder Manning Sumner feels strongly that the franchise opportunities in Atlanta are within one of the hottest markets for a successful fitness franchise.

“Atlanta is one of the fastest growing markets for fitness in the country,” Sumner explained. “Our unique approach to overall health and wellness puts Legacy Fit in a class by itself. We aren't every other bootcamp gym and Atlanta is hungry for something out of the ordinary.”

Based on the lifestyle guide, “No Days OFF”, created by Sumner, Legacy Fit is a gym uniquely focused on the success of its members both in and out of the facility.

“No Days OFF is about never letting up and always being the best you that you can be,” explained the author, entrepreneur and personal trainer. “We live it at Legacy Fit. 'No Days OFF' is a part of the entire package that defines Legacy Fit as one of the hottest franchises in the country. We not only show you how to meet and exceed your physical fitness goals, but through NDO we teach how to make the most of you, all the time.”

A group class oriented system, Legacy Fit franchises utilize Partner Interval Training, or PIT, to increase commitment and team success of their membership base. Members are teamed up in pairs for each session, building a family feel and vested members.

“PIT helps build friendships and commitment to one another's success,” commented Sumner. “Legacy Fit members work together to succeed.” The professional athlete trainer hesitated for a moment. “Too often, in other programs, people are on their own. They don't meet their goals and eventually lose interest. Legacy Fit members want to succeed and they want their workout partner to succeed. That's what makes Legacy Fit franchises different. Our members want to come to the gym.”

A scientifically proven approach to overall health and wellness, Sumner believes that by expanding the reach of Legacy Fit and “No Days OFF”, his philosophy toward life might be able to touch enough lives to impact problems in our society such as obesity and a large variety of medical issues associated with poor nutrition and fitness. By offering franchise opportunities in Atlanta and across the country, Sumner hopes to build a legacy that will influence generations to come.

“Every physical fitness trainer wants to change the world,” said Sumner with a sly grin. “That's why we do what we do. By franchising Legacy Fit, I've got a chance to make an impact on people that may not otherwise have the chance to become healthier, happier people who make the most of every day. That's what Legacy Fit is all about.”

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