Hot New USDT Money Generating Token -SwirlToken Launches on PancakeSwap

SwirlToken launches on PancakeSwap, offering crypto-savvy investors the opportunity to earn massive USDT returns simply by holding the tokens in their wallets.

Most people by now have heard of the digital currency Bitcoin which started back in 2009 as a crypto currency cash system. Now with a market cap of well over $1 Trillion, coins like Bitcoin have the world’s attention. Bitcoin and now 1000’s of more other coins have created a new transformation global economy. The race is on with the emergence of new cryptocurrency platforms.

As inflation increases and traditional banks offer investors less returns on their money people are looking elsewhere for new innovative ways to earn extra income. More people are turning to Defi cryptocurrency platforms. Big reward incentives can be earned with the right platform. The newest token to be released, SwirlToken does not disappoint. SwirlToken is a money-making machine it automatically generates massive USDT returns for SWIRL holders.

SwirlToken , “SWIRL” is a utility token that enables users to make money 24/7 just by holding it in their wallets. By simply holding SWIRL, the user will automatically receive 10% USDT rewards. When someone buys or sells SWIRL there is a Tax charged and every SWIRL holder will benefit by earning a share of this transaction fee. 10% of every transaction will be converted into USDT and distributed to each holder’s wallets. The greatest thing about receiving USDT is that it’s a Stable coin based on the US Dollar and it will help hedge against any market volatility.

The SwirlToken will also Burn most of the supply over the next 10 month. Burning tokens is a process that involves sending tokens to a dead wallet address were the tokens will be lost forever. This will decrease the token Supply and in turn increase the value. SwirlToken will decrease the supply even further with a Buyback function built into the smart contract. 1% of every transaction will be collected and be used to buy back SWIRL on the open market, then will be automatically sent to be burned.

The utility of SwirlToken is a next level technology. SWIRL was created for use on the HubSwirl platform, a powerful patent pending decentralized platform and ecosystem that provides an All-In-One Hub for social media creators, personalities, influencers, business & organizations to connect and interact with their community, customers and fans

HubSwirl Inc. is a Registered Corporation based in Canada. The company has been in business for over 6 year.. HubSwirl will integrate with all social media platforms, social networks and future metaverse platforms to provide seamless management of content creation, distribution and user interaction from one platform.

SwirlToken is the key conduit between on-chain, off-chain and platform interactions and provide a wide range of utility from self enforcing and self executing Smart Contracts, Auto Holder Rewards, VIP access Membership, NFT District Franchise Ownership, Content Copyright Management, Ownership Royalties management and a Payment Gateway. SWIRL will be integrated into the HubSwirl ecosystem including; Shopolu, HubSpin, Hiretree and SwirlSwap..

On the development pipeline and part of the HubSwirl ecosystem is the Shopolu platform. Shopolu will provide an "Amazon" model for local community stores. Right now, the retail brick and mortar stores are suffering trying to compete with the big online outlet like Amazon delivery right to your door. Shopolu will provide same day crowdsourced delivery from stores in the local community. Kind of like Uber but for store goods. Anyone who wants to make a few bucks can download the app and start earning money

Furthermore, just announced is SwirlToken’s NFT district franchise program. This will role out in Phase 3 of the project timelines. There will be an auction held to sell each of the available Districts.

What does this mean? Owners of a district will become the franchise owner of the HubSwirl ecosystem for a specific region they own. District owners will have a backend Admin control panels to manage their district, Members & content. They will receive 25% of all revenue (Advertising, Membership fees & sales commissions) earned from their franchised district. It’s a business and ownership will have huge revenue potential.

The district ownership and revenue earned will be for all platforms in the HubSwirl ecosystem , excluding SwirlSwap. Owners can Buy & Sell their district through the future SwirlSwap platform – a decentralized open marketplace.

First set of Districts up for auction will be New York City, Los Angeles, Beijing, Tokyo, Toronto, Sydney & London. Others districts will follow.

Through the HubSwirl ecosystem customers will be able to purchase memberships, manage business transactions, buy and sell advertising, buy and sell - services, products and original content. Customers can even use the SWIRL blockchain to manage their copyright content and royalty payments. The platform will use SWIRL as a form of payment. Users interested in investing into SwirlToken can find official information from the website.

HubSwirl is a decentralized crypto-based platform built with user privacy in mind. The company is located in Ottawa, Ontario. The platform aims to provide its customers with huge opportunities and automated USDT rewards just for holding SWIRL tokens in their wallets.

For further information and to find out where to buy the exclusive token visit the SwirlToken website here. To connect, join Telegram and reach the moon with SwirlToken.

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Release ID: 89058593