Hot Air Tools Announces It is Giving Coral Reefs a Future

Assembly Supplies Co. and Secore Partner to help coral reefs now and in the future, reports

Assembly Supplies Co., during a conversation with Secore, discovered the team was in need of a tool capable of repairing tarp pools. These pools help release substrates in the coral settlement, and the goal was to find a tool that could do the job fast in rural locations. Hot Air Tools recommended the Leister Triac ST, the best plastic welding kit available today. This partnership and the use of Leister Triac tools helps to ensure the success of the project.

"SECORE International works to protect, conserve and restore coral reefs. Based in the United States and Germany, the leading non-profit conservation organization brings together scientists, local stakeholders, public aquarium professionals, and partners to ensure coral reefs survive and thrive in the future. They do so using a multidisciplinary approach, including restoration of active reefs, education, outreach, and research. However, they need partners committed to this task and we are proud to be one of these partners," Scott Goza, spokesperson for Assembly Supplies Co., explains.

SECORE International, in conjunction with its partners, works to conduct restoration research while developing and implementing innovative techniques and strategies that will allow the organization to accomplish more in the future. The Global Coral Restoration Project seeks to restore the functioning of the reef ecosystem and its systems across the globe. The welding kit makes it easier to accomplish this goal.

"Individuals find use of the kit is intuitive with a little practice. Not only does welding have less toxic elements that other repair options, but there is no shelf life. Furthermore, clients don't have to pay a hazardous charge to have the welding kit shipped anywhere in the world. This makes it the perfect choice for projects in remote spots and is the solution the project has been searching for," Goza continues.

SECORE International continues to work on developing and testing techniques suitable for raising and handling large quantities of coral offspring. Restoration efforts are often limited due to a lack of time and manpower. With the help of coral settlement substrates designed by SECORE and its partners, the substrates now self-attach to the reefs. This allows seeding coral recruits to join the reef in numbers that are truly meaningful.

"We are thrilled to be a part of this project. Coral reefs need to be protected and maintained for future generations. With the help of our plastic welding task, this task becomes easier. Contact Hot Air Tools today to learn how we may be of help to your organization," Goza states.

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