HostScore Recognizes Web Innovation with Silver Sponsorship of Let’s Encrypt

The sponsorship sees HostScore, a property of WebRevenue, listed as a Silver Sponsor of Let’s Encrypt.

HostScore has announced its sponsorship of Let’s Encrypt. The move comes as part of its on-going commitment to support companies and technologies that help make the Internet a better place.

The sponsorship sees HostScore, a property of WebRevenue, listed as a Silver Sponsor of Let’s Encrypt. HostScore which was introduced in 2019 offers users the unique opportunity to leverage on the benefits of Big Data for more accurate web hosting performance statistics.

With the rapid expansion of digital technologies, the worldwide web continues to grow at unprecedented paces. The result has been an explosion in the number of websites coming online from 900 million in 2016 to over 1.7 million today.

Along with the growth has come a pressing need for heightened security needs to protect the data of both website owners and visitors. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are an integral part of those security options that come in to play.

Let’s Encrypt offers website owners an opportunity to benefit from free SSL certificates, helping make the web a safer place for all. The HostScore sponsorship of Let’s Encrypt in part support for that effort as well as recognition of the key role that Let’s Encrypt plays in the ecosystem.

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"With so many elements present in the WWW ecosystem we have to recognize data security needs to be implemented for the safety of all netizens. Let’s Encrypt is a vital lynchpin in the mechanism that helps to do this, and we fully support their efforts to provide every website with free SSL,” said Jerry Low, Founder of HostScore.

With the increased number of websites coming online, Low recognized that it was also getting more challenging for users to obtain accurate information. This has been especially trying where products and services are concerned.

The HostScore ideal is the presentation of accurate information based on collated data in the simplest forms possible. This aims to help users make more informed decisions in their web hosting choices, allowing them to save time, money, and effort on their web endeavours.

Since its launch last year, HostScore has seen success and gained the recognition of multiple web hosting companies and accolades from users. The system has proven resilient and presents a more accurate profile of the speed and reliability that web hosts display – over any given period.

“We’ve seen the frustration and large amounts of money users spend on web hosting only to face more challenges than should be right. By presenting them with unbiased and accurate data that is easily understandable, HostScore hopes to resolve these challenges quickly,” said Low.

More than just the name of the website, HostScore is the proprietary scoring model developed by Low and his team to challenge the static web hosting review model. When most web hosts are reviewed, data obtained during tests are static and depreciate over time, making those reviews less accurate.

By tracking the uptime and speed of web hosting servers as an ongoing process, HostScore gets updates at regular intervals. This essentially means that anytime you are looking at a HostScore result, it is going to be as close to current as possible.
Scores are adjusted with input from HostScore’s Editor as well as the input from users of the web hosts in question. This presents a well-rounded and entirely holistic view of the performance profile of any web host under review.

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