Hosplanet Sdn Bhd Launch Their State-Of-The-Art Media Facilities

Kuala Lumpur-based multimedia solutions providers, Hosplanet Sdn Bhd, announce the launch of their facilities to help clients create captivating content

The team at Hosplanet Sdn Bhd is not resting on their oars of delivering the best possible experience to clients across industries in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia as well as across the globe as the company continues to upgrade their facilities and solutions amidst rave reviews from customers.

The global multimedia industry continues to expand as more businesses look for ways of engaging their target audience. However, getting the right facilities can sometimes be a daunting task, especially as many of the available solutions are either exorbitantly priced or do not have the necessary equipment. Consequently, Hosplanet Sdn Bhd has ensured that clients in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia do not suffer a similar fate, a claim substantiated by the plethora of services from the company, including VIDUIO, STDUIO, and LETZ GO LIVE.

Green Screen Studio Rental in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia offers the state-of-the-art STDUIO, which is located at Fraser Business Park with a 1,500sq ft of green screen cyclorama and infinity wall dedicated to accommodating all industries and talents. The pre-lit or ready-to-use cyc walls come with even light for optimal keying, making it even easier to come in and shoot with little setup time.

One of the features of STDUIO that stand it out from other similar facilities is the fast turnaround time on video projects, with same-day delivery on specific works, thanks to the overall in-house equipment that is sufficient and functional to meet the varying needs of clients, such as live broadcast, live commercial, web streaming conferences, corporate meetings, product launches, press conferences, and content streaming. STDUIO also has ample floor space that allows people to dance, play, run, or walk on the green screen.

The state-of-the-art technology of VIDUIO, the radically simple interactive videos, and LETZ GO LIVE, come together to deliver a perfect solution for collaborating with international brands and talents goals. The all-inclusive solution offers an easy and seamless way of creating different types of interactive, personalized video, with plenty of dynamic, actionable experiences and turn it into a powerhouse for marketing. The interactive videos come with clickable calls-to-action and buy buttons, allowing viewers to click from a menu of topics.

LETZ GO LIVE is designed as a platform to connect the magical moment of the social aspect of viewer at-home live entertainment. Real-time interactivity and engagement experiencing closest to 'personally being there' enhances viewers’ participation by allowing them to ask questions, comment, learn application techniques and enhance better understanding and decision making.

STDUIO has provided an opportunity for new, established talents and some famous international names to create valuable interactive videos content, which remains an essential element to a fulfilling human life and business commerce to the world of 101 Talent Search Powerhouse.

For further information about Hosplanet Sdn Bhd and the plethora of solutions offered, visit – www.hosplanet.com.

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