Horizon Display Launches Black Diamond Kiosk Engaging Audiences Through The Power Of Touch

Horizon Display has created a multi-touch screen kiosk called the Black Diamond- a next generation display kiosk with top quality visuals and sound to engage customers in new ways.

The history of communication of the human species has progressed from stone tablets through pen and paper to the printing press and then the keyboard, culminating in the touch screen, which has not only changed how we communicate but how we interact. Horizon Display create interactive multi touch kiosks which offer the same functionality as an iPhone or iPad but with customized software and supersized displays ideal for corporate and consumer environments. They have just released their latest creation, the Black Diamond kiosk.

The Black Diamond kiosk is a new version of a large multi touch kiosk from Horizon Display. The displays are multi touch and designed to feel intuitive to iPhone or iPad users. The devices also have built in speakers with fantastic sound reproduction, and can be customized to function as anything from an interactive catalog to a dynamic user responsive sign to an active resource center.

The Black Diamond uses the very latest technology and are professionally customized for the concept or brand in question, offering easy navigation and full compatibility with Windows 8 Apps, together with live performance tracking based on custom objectives. The kiosks even meet the Americans with disabilities act (ADA) standards.

A spokesperson for Horizon Displays explained, “The kiosks were recently placed in Toys R Us stores which look like a supersized iPhones or iPad. Toys R US shoppers were then able to use the kiosks to find whatever toy they were looking for together with additional information and pricing, making the shopping experience easier than ever. If the toy was not in stock, users could then order it from the kiosk to be delivered. Because of the smooth software and interactivity, the kiosks were also popular with the children themselves as a means of discovering new toys. This is just one application of this highly adaptable tool.”

About Horizon Display:
Horizon Display are creators of custom multi touch software and display unites, interactive digital signage, offering a complete suite of hardware, software and services for the modern business, entrepreneur and events company. The company continues to innovate new product solutions on behalf of its customers to create adaptable products that can fulfil novel new functions.

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