HomeUnion To Begin Issuing Quarterly Investment Reports In All Active Markets This Summer

HomeUnion is helping potential investors get a better insight into the current markets on a local level by publishing in-depth, insightful quarterly investment reports for all their active markets.

Investing in property is one of the safest ways to produce a return on investment that provides steady reward over time, as property prices rise, rent rises and is continually paid by a tenant. Single family rental properties provide an affordable and accessible way for ordinary people to begin investing in a high-value asset, but many wonder whether the time is right for them. HomeUnion specializes in managing this kind of real estate investing, and recently began producing quarterly reports detailing the state of play in all of their active markets, to give people actionable intelligence upon which to base their decisions.

The investment reports combine insight on macro-economic trends such as employment, housing prices and demographics that impact the SFR market, using these to forecast the supply and demand of rental housing. The reports examine investment statistics drawn from both public and private data to provide the greatest level of detail and accuracy. The reports are made three dimensional by local economic factor analysis. For example, the relationship between crude oil prices and Houston’s overall economic picture, or the job creation potential of port construction and dredging projects in Jacksonville.

The reports created by HomeUnion are being released weekly, with Atlanta and Chicago on the 20th, Orlando and Indianapolis on the 27th of July, Cleveland and San Antonio on the 3rd, Cininnati and Memphis on the 10th, Birmingham, Davenport and Minneapolis on the 17th, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston and Jacksonville on the 24th and Columbus and Huntsville on the 21st of August. These regular updates will contain all the expert insight and analysis individuals in these areas could need to see whether it’s the right time for them to invest.

A spokesperson for HomeUnion explained, “We are deeply excited about what this will mean for our current and potential future clients, as the data-driven approach is the best means by which to make the best decisions. We already simplify the process of identifying, acquiring, managing and maximizing both income and asset value for our customers, the reports are just some of the detail we look at when recommending properties. Making them public allows our customers access to some of the data we use to make our decisions on their behalf.”

About HomeUnion: HomeUnion is an online real estate investment management firm, bringing high-value investing to the individual investor in single-family rental (SFR) properties. Based in Irvine, California, HomeUnion provides all the services needed for individuals to invest remotely in SFR properties, spanning the lifecycle of the investment transaction: from identifying sound investments; handling all aspects of acquisition; maximizing income; protecting asset value; and selling it when the time comes.

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