HomePractical Releases Information About Best Dry Erase Boards

HomePractical offers reviews and rankings for a variety of products used in and around the home. A recent informative post compares the top eleven dry erase boards in the marketplace.

HomePractical and Kenneth Wood are pleased to announce the release of their latest reviews and rankings on the best dry erase boards. The article also presents a buyers guide which provides suggestions for determining what characteristics to look for in purchasing one of the products. There are many occasions when a dry erase board can be helpful. Keeping lists, pointing out major elements of a speech and reminders about chores or appointments are just a few of the reasons why a dry erase board (whiteboard) is an excellent tool for homes or offices.

According to the reviewer, “Choosing the best dry erase boards for your home or office comes down to just a few questions: How often will you be using it, what are the main types (melamine for light use, porcelain for heavy use, glass is the top dry erase board), where will the whiteboard be placed and what size will be needed? We have spent many hours in researching and testing the top dry erase boards, so prospective buyers won't have to.”

The brands which appear in the list of top choices for marker boards include Audio-Visual Direct, Dapper Display, and Cinch, which made the Editor's Choice list. Additional dry erases boards which made the list include Xboard, Quartet, Viz-Pro (3 models), U Brands Contempo, Coavas, and Navy Penguin.

Dry erase boards have become the standard surface used in classrooms for every level of education. They are created in many different sizes and materials. The buyer's guide points out the main characteristics to consider when planning a dry erase board purchase. These elements include the material of which they are constructed. The most common materials are Melamine, Magne-Rite, Dura-Rite, glass and porcelain steel. Mounting options include wall-mounted, removable and mobile options. The purpose of the boards also should be considered, including magnetic boards, projection boards, combination boards, sliding units and graphic dry erase boards.

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