HomeLoft Takes On European eCommerce Market

Online Home Goods Retailer Rivals Brick and Mortar Stores with More than 150,000 Products

HomeLoft is home to more than 150,000 home-good products, offering a wide range of high-quality kitchen, bath, garden, and home items to consumers throughout the EU and UK. At Homeloft, variety and quality go hand in hand, offering unique and expertly crafted products to consumers that expect excellence.

HomeLoft is quickly becoming one of Europe’s top online home-good retailers, especially valued for their incredible selection of products rivaling many large brick and mortar retailers. Homeloft’s parent company is Handelnine Global, an international commerce company focused on building quality brands and high-end online shopping experiences.

Although e-commerce is being widely embraced by consumers worldwide, some industries have yet to take full advantage of online retail. Sellers of furniture and home-goods have, for example, been especially slow in adopting e-commerce, worried at how the changes could affect sales. For years, the popular opinion was that consumers wouldn’t want to purchase home-goods and especially furniture unless they had a chance to test the products first, a factor that has plagued many industries as they enter the world of e-commerce.

Despite doubts over whether consumers would be open to purchasing furniture and home goods online, many retailers have seen major success with the addition of online shopping to their brand. Major retailers like Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn have reported more than half their total sales coming through e-commerce channels, and e-commerce brands (like Amazon) that have begun offering furniture and home goods report similar success.

One of the ways retailers are making online shopping more appealing to consumers is by creating a fun shopping experience that mimics the experience of visiting a store. Consumers can browse through thousands of products to find what they are after, and have access to tons of images, detailed product information, and reviews. In many ways, the online shipping experience has made consumers more critical of their purchases. Now, customers are able to perform more preliminary research and are demanding higher-quality products than they were when options were limited to brick and mortar stores.

HomeLoft offers an incredible variety of products, carrying everything from highly specialized products to the ones you use every day. What really sets HomeLoft apart is their commitment to meeting consumer demand. HomeLoft’s products rotate and change each and every week as the company brings in new and exciting items and removes the items no longer generating interest. HomeLoft’s inventory is directly influenced by their customers, so lovers of this premium home goods brand can always be sure to find what they are looking for.

Learn more about HomeLoft and its wide range of high-quality home goods by visiting the website.

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