Homelilys Decor Introduces Japanese Garden Segment with Launch of DIY Garden Box

Simple do-it-yourself craft idea brings the beauty of Zen gardens into anyone's home, publishes homelilys.com

As understanding of the Buddhist concept of Zen spreads beyond its Asian roots, a growing number of people find themselves drawn to its teachings. On last count, more than 500 million people now follow this religion to some extent, a surge of more than 200 million over the last decade alone. In light of this swelling interest, Toby John of Homelilys Decor has launched the company's latest segment focusing on japanese garden ideas.

Said John, "Zen, in itself, is a broad topic many find difficult to understand. By its very nature, defining the religion in words would be restricting it well beneath its overall meaning. Though all those millions of followers may not truly practice Zen in its entirety, the term has become synonymous with serenity and enlightenment. Because of this, more people are seeking to bring Japanese, or Zen, gardens into their homes as a representation of its concepts. Our latest segment as well as our new decorative box for garden DIY ideas are meant to help them do just that."

Traditional Japanese gardens are elaborate setups designed to mimic large-scale landscapes. Some examples incorporate various types of flora along with stone structures, water features and statues. Those with limited space and resources began substituting dry elements such as rocks, sand and gravel for streams, lakes or ponds. Per Zen teachings, dry features are arranged in specific manners as representations of water, mountains, islands and other geographical aspects.

While conventional Zen gardens continue to gain popularity, a growing number of people are leaning toward modern small-scale alternatives. These range from backyard versions to miniature indoor terrariums. Homelilys Decor covers both indoor and outdoor renditions. The company likewise provides links to the video and instructions pertaining to its do-it-yourself garden box.

Concluded John, "At homelilys decor, we're passionate about sharing unique design and decorating ideas with our readers. Creating a scaled-down version of the Japanese garden for small spaces is a wonderful way to bring Zen into any home. Our garden box is a simple and creative project that can be adapted for a range of needs. It's a beautiful addition to any garden, but with a few modifications, it can be used a housing for a miniature Zen garden. It's also a fantastic Mother's Day or dorm-warming gift."

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