Home Reviewed Launches New Reviews for Products Commonly Used Around the Home

Online reviews provide a consumer with confidence when they purchase a product for the home and certain age groups state they trust these reviews more than family and friends, HomeReviewed.com reports

Approximately 88 percent of individuals shopping online look at reviews before making a purchase. However, 95 percent of consumers state they believe censorship is in play when reviews don't include any negative ratings or information. People want to know the advantages and disadvantages of a product before they spend their money. Home Reviewed (homereviewed.com) was created to fill a need in the home product market for independent, unbiased reviews.

"Individuals looking to purchase a product for their home want to ensure their money is being well spent. However, certain groups are less likely to rely on the opinions of family and friends and more on information they obtain through online reviews. In fact, more than half of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 state they trust the online reviews more, and this website is designed to provide that information," John Daniel, spokesperson for Home Reviewed (www.homereviewed.com), explains.

Lack of sleep is harmful to one's health. More than one nuclear accident has been due to a lack of sleep on an individual's part, according to WebMD, and people are more at risk of having an accident behind the wheel if they have not gotten enough rest. The average person spends 33 percent of their life in bed, thus a good mattress is essential so this time is well spent and the person wakes up feeling rested.

"Many people don't have the funds needed to buy a pricey mattress, but that doesn't mean they have to miss out. Home Reviewed looks at the best mattresses under $500 to ensure everyone can get a good night's sleep, as this benefits all. The risk of an accident decreases with proper rest, and this benefits everyone the person comes into contact with. Furthermore, this is only one of many categories that we look at on the site. Others include beds, sheets and pillows," Daniel continues.

To properly maintain a home, people must have items for use outdoors. Home Reviewed can be of help in providing information on these products also. The site examines grills, mowers and pools, among other things.

"Visit the site today to see what is offered. The home is meant to be a place of tranquility. When a person must deal with inferior products, he or she does not obtain this peace. With the help of our reviews, a person will find they get an item that meets their needs and fits their budget with ease," Daniel declares.

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