Home Decor Shop Outrageous Rugs Celebrates 30th Anniversary in San Diego

Home decor shop Outrageous Rugs celebrates its 30th anniversary in San Diego, 27 of which it has been in the same location. Store cofounders Steve Blumkin and Ross Margolin say the store owes its longevity to a loyal customer base, particularly professional designers.

Outrageous Rugs has announced the company will celebrate its 30th anniversary in San Diego this year, marking a significant milestone for the small home decor business. The last 27 of those 30 years have been in the same location.

Founded in 1988 by Steve Blumkin and Ross Margolin, Outrageous Rugs has been a mainstay on Miramar Road in San Diego almost since its inception. The co-founders attribute their staying power to the loyalty of their customers.

“We’re pleased to be able to say not only have we been around for 30 years, but we’ve managed to stay in the exact same place for the majority of those three decades,” Blumkin said. “It’s rare for a small business to not only last 30 years, but stay in the same location for almost that long and we’re proud of that accomplishment. There have been many ups and downs in the economy during that time and even in our own industry, but thanks to a dedicated customer base and a commitment to quality and customer service, we’ve managed to thrive here.”

To celebrate the significant milestone, Outrageous Rugs plans to hold promotions throughout the year that will reward loyal customers who have stuck with the company during its long history, but also draw in new customers to help the company continue to thrive in San Diego. In particular, the company aims to focus on its professional designer and high volume customers in 2016, as they’ve played an instrumental role in the company’s sustained success.

“All customers are valuable to us, of course, but we’ve had an especially good relationship with professional designers and high volume customers like hotel chains over the years and we want to recognize their importance to us by focusing on them this year,” Margolin said. “We will continue to work with San Diego’s top interior designers to give their clients great floor coverings that compliment their home decor and also continue to engage high volume customers like restaurants and hotels because those high volume orders are our bread and butter and what has kept us going strong since we started.”

The company starts the celebration of its 30th anniversary year coming off a highly successful 2015, which saw Outrageous Rugs expand its own weaving operations in both India and Nepal. Blumkin and Margolin plan to continue ramping up operations in Asia this year, which the businessmen hope will allow them to streamline operations and better serve their commercial customers. Having their own rug weaving operations allows the company to offer customers greater choice and customization, the entrepreneurs say.

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