Home Business Leader Shaqir Hussyin Opens up His Elite Team to the Public

Website traffic expert Shaqir Hussyin is now opening up his personal team to the public for anyone looking to join the fastest growing community of Internet and network marketers online.

After winning multiple home business awards as an online marketing expert, teaching people all over the world how to generate endless amounts of targeted traffic to any business opportunity or affiliate marketing program, Shaqir Hussyin encourages any Internet marketer to join empower network in this new, exciting and proven venture.

Many individuals who want to strike gold in online marketing are turning to London-based online marketing& website traffic expert, Shaqir Hussyin. After receiving a much coveted award (the Master Marketing Award and for beating the all-time sales record of selling most units of a single program in 60 minutes) in Las Vegas, walking away with other top earner status in multiple companies - leading the field as one of the world’s most powerful and innovative online marketers, Hussyin continues to generate buzz & success stories by responding to the requests for his enviable success story and formula as an online marketer and trainer.

"Shaqir, you might be the only person in the world that can do both of those things at the level that you do. He’s kind of the secret weapon for a lot of the industry’s top producers." - Daegan Smith, founder of Max Lev.

Hundreds of newbies and advanced marketers are flocking to join Shaqir Hussyin inside Empower Network as the results he has been getting and waltzing up on the leaderboards in the Top 3 out of 92,139 members in this community on top of that the exclusive bonuses he is offering to his new
team members and the level of support is unmatched.

His journey to success though quick was not in any way easy; he says, “I virtually had no list when I started promoting Empower Network six months ago.” But due to his vision, unwavering persistence and, of course an cotagious energy of striving to help the average person start making money online to awaken their greatness utilising the power of internet marketing, big name marketers & internet legends like Greg Davis, Jose Rivera and Ankur Aggarwal, Jason Moffatt and thousands of excited newbies and internet marketing beginners have made the easy, smart decision to fast track their success, logical decision to flock to Empower Network as part of the growing team, as well as, to benefit from its "high paying converting affiliate marketing program".

Movers and shakers & online struggling beginners are finally finding hope in their online quest to make money from the internet - this is why projections and vision is set for Shaqir Hussyin to be the Number 1 producer of all time inside Empower Network.

Adding the two critical components of online success consisting of targeted traffic and a high converting product and funnel, anyone can take advantage and have the true unfair advantage when they join Shaqir Hussyin as they will not only benefit from his expertise but his SoloAdsAgency.com which supplies premium lead generation to the home business industry.

"He's a paid traffic God, he understands how to turn $1 into $3 and even up to 5x - using unique traffic methods and leveraging empower network, a true master at getting targeted, reliable, consistent, and scalable website traffic online, hes one of the leaders in our community, won cash prizes, Macbook, iPads, travel, hotel, flights has been paid from us to have him speak and empower 3,000+ marketers from our last event which turned the entire industry upside down in San Diego further more to add to this he recently became the newest leading trainer for one of our flagship products $15k Formula for revealing the secrets of getting 389-759 leads per day sharing to our entire community of tens of thousands" - David Wood, Founder of Empower Network

Contact Info:
Name: Shaqir Hussyin
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Phone: +44 2070960277
Website: http://ShaqirHussyin.com/empower-network

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