Holman Insurance brokers Ltd Celebrate 35 Years In The Insurance Business

Holman Insurance brokers Ltd is celebrating 35 years in construction insurance, and is now focusing on providing construction surety bonds for an increasingly risk averse industry.

In construction, companies must take out a surety bond so that the project owner is protected. If a company fails to complete the job, or does not complete to the standards required, then the bond is there to ensure the project owner is compensated appropriately. It is a promise and an assurance from the company to those they are working for. Holman Insurance brokers Ltd are celebrating 35 years in the surety bond industry, helping companies find the right bonds at the right rates.

To celebrate, the site now provides a wealth of information about surety bond products, both construction and commercial. This educative resource helps readers understand the products, and encourages them to get in touch to discuss their bonding needs.

By understanding the surety products listed on the website, people can find those that will best meet their needs. The site also helps people understand the advantages of a bond within the broader construction context. Fortunately, the company is contracted with almost every major insurance company in Canada, and currently insures tens of thousands of people. They are able to negotiate with the bond provider to get the best rates on bonds, as well as compound bonds and insurance.

A spokesperson for Holman Insurance brokers Ltd explained, “We are thrilled to be celebrating this thirty-fifth anniversary, and we felt the best way we could celebrate was to help more people better understand what it is we do, and the value of these bonds for construction companies. The website now has one of the most comprehensive and accessible resource centers found online, all about commercial and construction bonds. We hope that more businesses and contractors will understand the value of the work we do, and trust us to champion their needs when securing insurance and bonds.”

About Holman Insurance brokers Ltd: Holman Insurance brokers Ltd is an Insurance Brokerage based in Ontario, Canada. They have been doing business for over 35 years. Their brokerage has a team of licensed surety bond brokers that provide consulting to construction companies, builders, and businesses in regards to their bonding needs. This experienced, professional team will stop at nothing to ensure businesses receive the best bonds at the best rates.

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