Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers Launches a New Website

The new website highlights several facts on DWI and DWI defense as the firm offers legal representation to individuals charged with this and other, reports KansasCityDWIs.com

Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers proudly announces the launch of a new website that highlights several facts regarding DWI and DWI defense. Individuals find there is information on penalties associated with various DWI offenses, material on misdemeanor and felony DWI charges and more. As there are so many possible charges a person is facing when accused DWI, a team of experienced DWI lawyers has become essential, and this site helps to clear up any misconceptions a person may have regarding this type of offense.

"DWI charges can never be taken lightly, as the penalties are simply too severe. For this reason, any individual accused this crime needs to retain an experienced DWI attorney immediately. With this help of this attorney, an individual may find they are able to get the charges reduced or dropped completely. The key to successfully doing so typically lies in finding which defense is best for the individual's unique situation," Nicholas J. Dudley, spokesperson for Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers, states.

A person who has been arrested for DWI is facing two different types of legal action. First, he or she is looking at criminal charges based on the ticket issued. When a conviction is secured, a copy of this conviction is forwarded to the motor vehicles department, which then assesses points to the person's driving record. This may lead to the suspension or revocation of his or her driving privilege. However, administrative action may also be taken for those individuals who have a blood alcohol content level over the legal limit and also for those who refuse this test. This suspension or revocation is automatic, even in cases where the charges are reduced or the court disposes of the ticket.

"People often ask if they should refuse to take the breathalyzer, but this truly doesn't affect the outcome. In fact, a person will find doing so means they lose their driving privileges, even in those situations where they were under the legal limit. It's best to submit to the test and contact a DWI attorney promptly for help. We will look to see if there is a suitable defense that may help to have the charges dropped or reduced," Dudley continues.

Prescription drugs may lead to a person being arrested for DWI also. Many people do not realize this is the case, yet there have been countless convictions. In this situation, an experienced DWI attorney can be of help. He or she will look for ways to fight the charges, such as proving the patient was not informed of the side effects of the medication or that he or she was impaired when this information was provided.

"Contact our office today to discuss your DWI charges. We'll be happy to work with you to get the matter resolved in the most favorable way possible. Don't try to fight the system on your own, as you are facing severe penalties. We can be of help," Dudley announces.

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