HobbyPlants.com Launches, Offering In-Depth Articles about Ornamental Plants and Small-Scale Gardening Projects

New site blends practical tips with fun insights into growing plants as a hobby

HobbyPlants.com has launched, providing visitors with an information-rich blog discussing a wide variety of hobby plants. As of its publication date, the site already contains over a hundred articles for plants and flower lovers. It offers free resources about gardening and plants.

“This site is for plant lovers who want to get the knowledge to be better at caring for plants,” said a spokesperson for hobbyplants.com. “Whether you want to know how often to water Anthurium or when to plant or repot Jasmine, this site has expert, but readable advice. We have heard from so many plant lovers that have tried, but failed, to cultivate a plant—only to realize later that they were missing some vital piece of information like what kind of soil is most suitable for that species, and so forth.”

The newly started blog provides information about plants as varied as Bougainvillea, Calathea, Dracaena Lemon Lime and Philodendron Selloum. There are care and growing guides, which cover light requirements, watering needs, ideal climate for growing, temperature, repotting, speed of growth, height and spread, flowers and trimming. Readers can learn if a plant is poisonous, which is an issue for people with small children or pets. They can learn about plant diseases as well.

The site even has resources for plants hobbyists can eat. These include Edamame, which is popular in sushi restaurants. In this case, site visitors can learn that the plant is best suited for the USDA Hardness Zones 3-9 and requires regular watering. They can find out that Edamame does well with compost-enriched soil and a temperature of 55 to 65 degrees.

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