Hmmm Token Is Developing the Latest Object Based Economy in The Metaverse

Hmmm is a new digital token that will power a massive decentralized platform and allow users to create, publish, distribute, and exchange 3D content throughout the metaverse.

Forget about the blockchain. Hmmm is part of an entirely new universe. Think about the possibilities: Users can mint tokens and attach them to objects in the real world, such as a statue or street art by Banksy. Hmmmm is a utility token for NFTs discovery in AR.

Hmmm token was founded on the belief that the Metaverse is the next frontier for technology and how people communicate and interact online and in person. Hmmmm serves as the central currency for these types of transactions and offers the ultimate way of digital asset collecting within the metaverse.

The hmmm development team is creating a decentralized platform that will allow users to create, publish, distribute and exchange 3D content where users can use hmmm token to transact with each other using AR, VR, and mobile applications. Their goal is to convert the real world into a giant game board where users can discover, collect and trade NFTs based on 3D models and hidden value tokens at real-world locations. Soon, AR platforms incorporating blockchain technology and can facilitate the discovery of these NFTs.

Creators using the upcoming hmmm exchange will have the option to show the asset “in-world”. Discoverable items at real-world locations mean users must must be physically present in the location using the AR function of their device to discover hidden value items. Much like PokemonGo, hmmm token is encouraging people to get out and explore the world and gives them the option to not come back empty-handed.

The introduction of the hmmm exchange is a major step in pushing the crypto space toward mainstream adoption. The developers of the hmmm token believe the ability to find and exchange crypto right where users are is a key component in making the crypto community more inclusive. By making it possible for users to buy, sell, and trade crypto while they are in the world, they believe that hmmm token will be instrumental in helping blockchain networks reach their potential as well as improve mass cryptocurrency adoption.

About The HMMM token: The hmmm token and community was created by Boblles, creator of, the crypto prediction platform. Through his Cryptobobles TikTok channel, he has amassed an engaged community of over 800,000 followers. HMMM launched without any presale, ICO, or investment from outside firms. As an entirely self-funded project, the budgets for marketing and engineering are still growing. Due to the massive interest, community support, and desire to grow HMMM over the long term, Boblles has gathered a team to give the token true utility and long-term life by providing what it was initially designed to deliver: entertainment.

The mission of hmmm is to allow people to express their identity, imagination, and creativity through the digital assets they own.

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