Higher Levels Extends Special Offer for its Renowned CREATE Framework" for Online Course Creation

HigherLevels.com helps motivated entrepreneurs create extremely profitable online courses and scale their businesses on complete automation.

Kristoffer Hari & Stephen J. Esposito create extremely profitable automated online courses, from absolute scratch.

There are no longer any excuses as to why you aren't qualified to teach and make an extremely profitable course online, they say. "At the end of the day, with all of the tools that are now available online… We realized that anyone who's driven to create freedom outside of a 9 to 5 needed a proven framework to follow to successfully leverage the Internet, create impactful educational material around any subject that they care about, and wildly monetize it. So that's what we created."

Higher Levels, founded by serial entrepreneurs Kristoffer Hari & Stephen J. Esposito, whose renowned framework enables entrepreneurs to build and scale profitable online courses from scratch, has just opened the doors for their brand new online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to find their greatest impact and convert it into an extremely profitable business online. They use a unique online model, consisting of both live group coaching sessions combined with sequential step-by-step online material and interactive exercises to teach their students.

"There is so much unfulfilled potential out in the world," says Stephen J. Esposito, co-founder at Higher Levels. "We wanted to break down all of the limiting factors that hold people back from creating impactful educational material around any subject that they care about. We wanted to give them a realistic opportunity to not just share their knowledge with the world, but also to monetize it in a way that creates time, location, and financial freedom. "

He says: "We wanted to remove all excuses and create a sequential process that pinpoints the single most effective way to become a multi-millionaire online entrepreneur through the eLearning industry. This is a guide that would've personally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars alongside years of pain and confusion."

They say the #1 way to create a 7-figure online course is this: Find what's working in your market right now and do it better. Then find what's not working and do it right.

Kris and Stephen started HigherLevels.com because they noticed there was a huge missing link in the world of online course creation today. "We wanted to help highlight the fact that you don't need to be a licensed expert to create something amazing that can help change the world as it currently is."

Since then, they have created a successful formula for building profitable online courses by taking pride in their unique method of emulating rather than innovating. With no money or connections, they were able to parlay their insights and hard work into a multi-million dollar online education business with thousands of students over the last 3 years. Now, with Higher Levels, they've put together what they know for anyone willing to commit to changing their lives forever.

"Once you decide to become an entrepreneur, you need a proven framework to get you to where you want to be," says Kristoffer Hari, co-founder at Higher Levels. "We learned the hard way that success is modeled rather than innovated. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, you should model what is already working. We call this process emulation, and that is exactly what we help our students do."

As detailed on their website, HigherLevels.com, their framework for success with an online program starts with interactive exercises and training to help the student shift their mindset and discover their niche by identifying a market problem-and then building an amazing course around it. The course also covers how to entirely automate the client acquisition process, an area that often trips up even experienced entrepreneurs.

However, the course is only just part of a broader engagement that includes mentorship from Higher Levels' two founders, Kris and Stephen, who personally devote themselves to their students' success with live weekly group coaching sessions with their students, 2 times every week. Course members also join a worldwide family of online course entrepreneurs. "This is not just a course. You're becoming part of something way bigger--a worldwide family of successful online entrepreneurs, rubbing shoulders with people who have the same goals and aspirations as you do."

Kris and Stephen have created an exclusive masterclass with over 2 free hours of material directly from their course teachings. You can access it for free from their company website HigherLevels.com while it is still available.

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