High Performance Coach Lauren Jawno Announces New Genetic Personal Profile Testing

Lauren Jawno Introduces New Genetic Personal Profile Testing Program That Helps People Build A Better Life.

Certified High Performance Coach, Lauren Jawno and 2014 Nobel Prize short-list candidate, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed have joined together to combine a world-class coaching program with a science and evidence based Genetic Personality Profile test.  This is truly a unique approach and the first of it’s kind.

The benefit of this powerhouse combination is that clients can get to know and understand themselves like never before and Jawno can be even more strategic in coaching clients. Knowing their natural genetic strengths and weakness is a game-changer in helping clients blast through their barriers and move forward with less trial and error and greater long term success.

Even though someone’s mood and behaviors may seem like a mystery, they are actually driven by their GENETICS!

Does that mean people have no control over what they do–that they are at the mercy of the “genetic lottery” they were born with? Absolutely not!

Their genetics merely predispose them to certain behaviors. Which means that they can make a conscious decision to do something totally different…but they need to be aware of their individual genetic “blind spots” before they can effectively make meaningful changes to their lives.

People really need to stop letting the genetic lottery secretly run their lives, Jawno says. They need to use the “user manual” now available to them and listen to what nature is really telling them so that they can take control of their life, once and for all.

Lauren Jawno has recently started offering life changing Genetic Personal Profile Testing and Coaching, at a very affordable price. Jawno says that once people understand the real, hidden triggers behind everything they do and feel, she can help them create a lifestyle designed to make up for any genetic weak spots and leverage their natural strengths in order to propel their lives forward like they never imagined.

That is the power of understanding the genetic forces that are secretly influencing someone’s behaviors. It’s the power that allows people to change their own lives, as well as everyone around them.

Click here to sign up or find out more information about this revolutionary Genetic Testing Profile Test and Coaching Program while spots are still available.

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