Hex Color Deck Launches To Provide Online Friendly Colorization Tools For Web Developers

Hex Color Deck is a new online resource that helps people find the online-friendly versions of their favorite colors as well as mix colors to create new ones, and more.

Hex colors are used primarily online for coding websites and giving them their colors, whether for background, text, highlights, links or cell spaces. The hex code system is simple and easily applicable for coders, and displays consistently across all kinds of devices. Despite this universality however there are limitations, and it can be frustrating for individuals working with logos or brand guidelines colorized in other popular methods like RGB or CMYK to have to convert. Fortunately, Hex Color Deck is a new resource that aims to make hex codes as easy to find and implement as possible.

Hex Color Deck will enable individuals to convert colors from major colorization methods like RGB, HSL, HSV, CYMK, CIE-Lab, CIE-Lch, CIE-Luv, Hunter-Lab, XYZ and YXY used in both photography and design to web friendly hex codes.

The website will also have tools like a color wheel to help people find complimentary and clashing hex codes, and already features a color mixer a new tool that allows people to combine two known hex colors to find out what the hex code is for their blend.

The color blender is just the beginning, and new tools will be added regularly. The site hopes to become the number one resource for all hex color needs.

A spokesperson for Hex Color Deck explained, “We are thrilled to be able to offer a suite of hex color tools that will make converting to, interacting with and utilizing hex codes easier than ever before. We identified a need for hex codes to be more fully integrated into the rest of the wider world of digital color use, and have undertaken a mission to make that integration as seamless and easy as possible for designers, web developers and enthusiasts. We are excited to welcome more new tools in 2015, so users should bookmark the site now, as it is sure to become a must-have resource.”

About Hex Color Deck: Hex Color Deck is a new website focusing on providing a comprehensive suite of tools for interacting with colors using the online hexadecimal color coding system, making web friendly colors interact in ways never seen before. The site aims to add convenience and creativity to working with colors during web development.

Contact Info:
Name: Joe Bragg
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Organization: Brandoutreach
Phone: (415) 632 1664
Website: http://hexcolordeck.com/

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