Hedge Pay Brings a Secured Crypto Platform Where Clients Can Safely Invest on The Blockchain

HedgePay is a financial ecosystem designed to provide passive income to investors by offering goods, services and utilizing a transaction tax system. Recently, they have announced an early sale of HedgePay.

HedgePay is a decentralized finance application that focuses on providing a stable income stream to its investors, helping them on their journey to financial freedom. It focuses on making profits that feed a fund generating interest through automated staking protocols. It disburses to holders in a stable coin and BUSD rewards. The transactional volume also provides the fund that creates interest and is distributed to holders.

In a recent development, for the convenience of their Holders' easy blockchain investment, they have launched an early sale of HedgePay. It revolutionizes the space by bringing a one-step investment solution to a passive income for its valuable holders. Utilizing their proprietary risk-reduction algorithm to diversify investments will ensure steady growth in a volatile market space. HedgePay's goal is to generate more rewards over time without relying on mechanics that can negatively pressure the token price.

They want to ensure consistently and growing monthly payments for their investors to aid them on their path to financial freedom. The platform aims to run the token on a precise business model. HedgePay will bring accessibility to holders between liquidity and investments while making passive income a one-step process. The HedgeFi Ecosystem simplifies the journey by automating passive income and generating usable income.

The experts have engineered HedgePay to deliver its reward services without the risk of intolerable loss. The profits of services and goods sold will use to provide liquidity to the HedgeFi Fund and are distributed to holders in passive rewards.

Passive income is the backbone of HedgePay. Their fund is structured to utilize investments to generate a monthly income stream that can be used to purchase goods and services. Holders can actualize their returns and improve their daily life. HedgePay will start in the form of an Exclusive Investor Opportunity (EIO). This stage will span four weeks and have four different phases, giving investors the chance to acquire up to 25% of the total token supply.

The HedgeFi Fund utilizes decentralized finance investments to generate salaries1 for investors to be rewarded monthly. Investors may use the rewards dashboard to claim rewards earlier if desired. This will incur a pro-rated fee schedule that will be used to increase the capital of the HedgeFi Fund.

The HedgeFi Fund is responsible for managing reward generation strategies. Approximately 30% of the funds raised during the EIO will go to the HedgeFi Capital Fund. HedgePay has designed an in-house trading appoication to contribute to the HedgeFi Capital Fund without traditional pressures against the HPAY token's market price. HedgePay uses revenue generated from each transaction to increase the capital of the HedgeFi Fund. Every blockchain transaction that involves transferring tokens is subjected to an 18% fee. Tokenomics are as follows: Initial Supply: 250,000,000, Total Supply: 1,000,000,000, Transfer Tax outside our contracts: 18%, Buy Tax using In-house Exchange: 10% and Sell Tax Using In-house Exchange: 12%. Large discounts in taxation are applied when utilizing the in-house exchange.

HedgePay's professional team is dedicated to the long-term success of its token-based financial ecosystem. It has collectively decided to invest its own money into HedgePay during the initial phase of the EIO to generate its revenue. The HedgePay team is confident in tackling any upcoming issues and finding the optimal solutions with their community.

Intending users can visit their website to get a feel of the project's current state and get in touch with the HedgePay community on Reddit.com/r/hedgepay and Twitter.

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