Hedge Host Introduces Feasible Investment Plans for All

To celebrate the success of its first month of operations, RWV Financial Industry Group is offering market competitive terms through its online investment platform. The promotion will end on November 30.

Based in London, RWV Financial Group is a recently established Private Limited company that specializes in the provision of financial services. The firm is renowned for its in-house online investment platform, “Hedge Host Trading”, which was launched in August 2017. The company is headed by two directors: Mr. Alphie Garcia and Mr. Jamil Chan.

Earlier this month, representatives from RWV Financial Industry Group announced a new offer; Customers who invest at least $35 in their “Promo Plan” through “Hedge Host Trading” can earn a 5000% return over a 15-month “Lock-in Period”. This is equivalent to a monthly return of almost 30%, which is exceptionally generous when compared to the other alternatives on offer. But it is hardly astonishing for regular customers of the company for whom it is not at all uncommon to receive a return on investment exceeding 20% per month.

However, industry analysts expect this move to result in a larger inflow of funds for the firm as more investors make deposits using its online platform. But the promotional offer will expire on November 30, which will ensure that revenue from this particular service does not erode profits from the firm’s other financial products, which tend to have more flexible terms.

In a private conversation with the press, Co-Director, Mr. Jamil Chan, elaborated on his mission for the company:

“The promotion is simply a springboard for future growth. With an unbeatable return on investment we expect to reel in customers by the thousands. We will use the funds deposited by these new investors to finance further smart growth, which will expand our reach and enable us to expand more business.”

In other words, the company is offering smart investment options to ensure a smart future, something which is considerably lucrative for those looking to invest their money in a sound plan.

About the Company
Founded in 2017, RWV Financial Group Ltd. is a Private Limited company that specializes in the provision of financial management services to both general and institutional investors. The firm is based in London, United Kingdom.

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