HDPE Pipelines Save Jobs During Oil Price Slump

ISCO Industries, the largest high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe distributor in North America, saves jobs in the Bakken during oil price slump by building freshwater supply systems.

ISCO Industries, a business in Lousiville, KY, is responding to the drop in oil prices by coming up with new and innovative methods of working. Rather than taking suffering by non-operational rigs and a lack of drilling, they are focusing on creating new freshwater supply systems. ISCO Industries already has numerous jobs lined up in this area and expects to have a very busy year. This is one company that will not be taken down by the changing face of the oil economy.

“These supply water pipeline projects are all on a very fast timeline, and we have fusion machines up here and ready to go at a moment’s notice,” explained Brad Gray, the company’s representative in the Bakken.

The Bakken has been a popular area for pipe distributors since the oil boom first happened. For years, businesses in this area worked on saltwater and natural gas lines. However, recently, these projects are having a new focus and look more at the supply of freshwater systems. This is due to necessity, but also for a large part due to items that led to safety concerns.

Trucks have always transported water to the well sites of oil producers. However, the pace of production in this field was so frenetic that it led to various safety concerns. Indeed, according to the authorities in North Dakota, at least 25% of all water trucks were carrying more weight than the trucks had been designed for. As a result, it was more difficult to stop. This, in turn, would mean that any accident would have more significant consequences.

Additionally, the extra weight is causing a lot of damage to the roads. Sections of crumbling, cracking asphalt and ruts are being spotted all over the highways. The state will have to spend $40 million dollars on a single stretch of US Highway 2 this year alone, which is a direct result of these overloaded trucks.

ISCO Industries hopes to address all these issues by using HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipes. These are perfect for lines that are under high pressure. It is resistant to both surge and fatigue, as well as being hydraulically smooth. Furthermore, the joints are heat fused, which means that it is impossible for the pipeline to leak and cause environmental concerns.

While it is certainly true that oil companies are feeling the pinch due to the fact that oil prices remain at an all time low, it isn’t all bad news. These companies have the tools and equipment that are necessary to deliver various other important projects. This is something they can focus on now, until the oil prices recover. As a side benefit, the work they do now may increase the efficiency once they return to oil drilling."

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