Hawkeye Recruitment Announces New Online Recruiting Tools

Job boards assist both employees and firms make a good fit, saving time and money reports HawkeyeRecruitment.com

Industry statistics reveal that in today's marketplace, more than 80% of new hires are from an online recruitment source. Being careful to hire the correct candidate has become more than just a matter of finding the right fit, however, experts reveal that it's also a mater of finances, saying that 41% of companies recently surveyed explained that a bad hire in the last year cost their company at least $25,000. To combat this, Hawkeye Recruitment spokesperson Jazmin Carrillo has recently announced her firm's new cost effective Online recruiting tools to assist companies with their hiring needs.

Says Carrillo, "We realize the issues businesses are facing in these trying times. This is the very basis on which our company was founded. To this end, we are offering businesses the opportunity to cross post job openings on some of the largest, most popular Job posting sites for employers on the internet. In fact, our top 5 job boards alone get more monthly visitors from job seekers than Monster or CareerBuilder."

Carrillo states most businesses find that finding the right candidate quickly can be a difficult task; not to mention the rising price of recruitment advertising across the nation. "To answer this problem, Hawkeye Recruitment specializes in online and print advertising recruitment solutions. The technology we use allows us to cast the widest net possible so our clients have the largest applicant pool possible when making a hiring decision. We will provide the tools and service needed to make a hire, without having to pay premium advertising costs from newspapers."

Explaining the benefits of job boards, Carrillo goes on to say, "Online job boards are becoming the 'go to' platform to find the perfect applicant. A firm can advertise their company's open jobs and find potentially qualified candidates easily, and quickly. After all, there are a number of people who are looking to Find jobs in your area. It's important to keep in mind that ultimately the person you are looking for will be working with you at your company, so make sure you thoroughly vet each candidate and make everything in your recruitment process help you hire the best candidate."

Some companies still swear by newspaper advertising, wanting local talent to fill their job openings. When that's the case, Carrillo insists they can still help. "This is not a problem. We have experience negotiating the lowest advertising rates for our clients across the nation. Our media buyers have experience buying media in some of the largest markets in the country. We can help businesses reign in their print costs, while maintaining a presence in print, so that you can cover both traditional and digital candidate sources in your recruitment process. Plus, we don't require a contract."

About Hawkeye Recruitment:

Hawkeye Recruitment helps businesses recruit the best employees via postings on the largest and most popular job boards on the internet. They are then compiled into an applicant tracking system, and made available to the clients. Through their proven method, they are able to target candidates locally, or nationally depending on their client's specific needs.

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