Hawaiian Cool Water Delivers Sparkling Water Systems For Offices

High-end professional offices in the media, entertainment, technology, law and finance businesses are demanding sparkling water options in order to eliminate the need for plastic bottles.

Hawaiian Cool Water announces the addition of office sparkling water machines and sparkling/still water combination systems to their product line.

Michael Hernandez-Soria, President and owner of Hawaiian Cool Water said, “We are very excited to add these sparkling water options to our clients that are looking to eliminate the need for plastic. We are responding to the demand for sparkling water machines in high-end professional offices in the media, entertainment, technology, law and finance businesses. Offices are finding that sparkling water invigorates the workplace by encouraging the healthy practice of drinking more water. With our long history and experience in providing first class service to celebrities and large homes, sparkling water is a natural extension for us.”

Their unique user-friendly design makes getting chilled, hot or sparkling water a simple and fun experience every time. Hawaiian Cool Water’s innovative carbonation technology creates sparkling water with just the right size and amount of bubbles to match the best in branded sparkling waters. Their Waterlogic Firewall ultraviolet purification is uniquely certified by the Water Quality Association, purifying water to 99.9999% bacteria free.

Offices that consume seltzer or sparkling water from traditional bottles or cans can greatly benefit from a more cost-effective and convenient alternative service. Sparkling water in the office eliminates the need for refrigeration, delivery, storage, and disposal while providing filtered and purified sparkling water at high-quality levels – levels only seen before in imported European glass bottles served at restaurants.

Hawaiian Cool Water’s self-contained, fully programmable sparkling water models include modern water filtration technology designed for commercial use, and restaurant grade large capacity systems for cafeterias and break rooms. Backed by the service team at Hawaiian Cool Water, these water systems are available at several price points to meet any office budget. They offer a number of sparkling water models to fit into any office breakroom including:
Natura Aquarius

About Hawaiian Cool Water:
Hawaiian Cool Water has built a reputation as the best service and warranty company for drinking fountains, water coolers, water filtration systems and other commercial water equipment in Honolulu. Hawaiian Cool Water is the most experienced specialist in the business of water hydration devices and bottle-less water equipment through water fountains, filtered water, ice machines and more. The Hawaiian Cool Water staff, along with Hawaiian Cool Water clients across the state, are proud to be making a positive environmental impact with this superior water purification solution.

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