Harrington Law Group Publishes In-Depth Auto Accident Guide

The guide shows victims what to do after an accident to build a stronger legal case, reports http://www.bchfirm.com.

Tampa-based Harrington Law Group recently announced the publication of their new Auto Accident Guide. The purpose of the guide is to show those who have recently been involved in a car accident what steps they need to take and which actions to avoid if they want their Auto Accident Attorney in St. Petersburg, FL to be able to build a strong personal injury case on their behalf. The recently-published guide is available for reading at the Harrington Law Group website.

Brian Harrington, the firm’s lead attorney, commented “Many victims who have been hurt in a car accident mistakenly believe that they’ll have an ‘open and shut’ case because of their visible injuries. However, the plaintiff in any personal injury case is still responsible for proving both the other party’s negligence and their own damages. There are specific actions that accident victims can take that will make them more likely to succeed when negotiating a settlement or taking another party to court, and we’ve written a detailed guide showing them exactly what those actions are.”

Harrington Law Group’s Auto Accident guide goes in-depth to give victims specific tips on how they can build a better case and avoid sabotaging their chances of recovering their damages. In the guide, the firm discusses everything from when to seek medical treatment to how to record evidence to which expenses should be closely tracked, all from the perspective of an experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa, FL. The Auto Accident Guide also covers the ins and outs of personal injury protection (PIP) and dealing with insurance companies after the accident.

“We want car accident victims to know there are things they can do to positively affect their case. If taking the right actions means they’ll get the compensation they deserve, then we want them to know about it,” Tampa, FL Auto Accident Attorney Brian Harrington continued. “Our team of legal professionals is dedicated to our clients’ success, and publishing this guide is just one more way that we can help them as they seek justice.”

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