Handling Romantic Stress with Surya Success

Romantic expectation can leave many people feeling too stressed to actually enjoy the company of their loved ones, leading to miscommunication, conflict, and depression. Surya Success™ offers innovative tools to support professionals in creating healthier relationships.

According to medical research, a joyful and healthy romantic relationship can be a deeply rewarding endeavor, allowing for each partner to experience an array of psychophysical benefits, such as reduced stress, increased health, and longer life span. Of course, these benefits hinge on the relationship actually being a happy and fulfilling one. For many, there may be some mental spring cleaning necessary to achieve the elusive balance between work and love. Surya Success (http://SuryaSuccess.com), a stress management and peak performance company, offers modern solutions to support professionals in handling the challenges of creating and maintaining a blissful romance.

Sandra Galvagny (http://www.linkedin.com/in/sgalvagny), the CEO of Surya Success, suggests that the secret to being centered and stress-free in relationships may be as simple as taking time to breathe. Galvagny states that “Specific breathing methods have long been used as tools for easing tension, gaining clarity, and rejuvenation.” Research shows a strong correlation between conscious breathing and decreased cortisol levels; indicating that breath may be one of the most effective tools for reducing stress and anxiety. The breathing patterns at the core of Surya Success incorporate a science formatted specifically for the modern executive who is rushed for time and always on the go.

The New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com) states that for the first time in decades there is a clear decrease in divorce rates. This trend may indicate that individuals today are seeking more effective tools to manage romantic and personal stress. Dr. Steven Covey, author of the best-seller “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” says that one of the best ways to educate the heart is to look at one’s interaction with other people, because relationships with others are fundamentally a reflection of the relationship with one’s self. Surya Success aims to support professionals in alleviating stress and mastering their mind, so they can develop the emotional intelligence necessary to establish successful romantic and business relationships.


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