Haley Mechanical Introduces New Mitsubishi Mini-Split Systems To Its Lineup

Mini-split heating and air conditioning offers home and business owners an alternative to traditional options, publishes haleymechanical.com

Reports from the U.S. Energy Information Administration forecast a slight downturn in energy costs during the second half of 2017. While this prediction is welcome news to home and business owners across the nation, it provides little solace in light of the present six-year climb. Current rates continue to drive America's search for more efficient and cost-effective alternatives in commercial and residential heating and cooling as this element has been ranked responsible for the lion's share of energy consumption. With all this in mind, Eric S. Chapman of Haley Mechanical has launched the company's latest option for local residents.

Said Chapman, "Over the years since mini split heating and air conditioning systems hit the market, they've gained a lot of popularity. They give home and business owners a number of advantages when compared to other systems, and they're among the most efficient options available. They're also less costly to install for new builds, additions and remodels alike. Though we've been making a variety of these available for quite some time, we're proud to announce we're now offering mitsubishi mini split heating & ac systems."

Above-average efficiency has been deemed a key benefit for ductless heating and air conditioning with an estimated 40 percent higher capacity reported for mini-split systems than heat pumps. While the functionality of certain systems drops in proportion to extreme temperatures, mitsubishi mini split alternatives are said to operate at 76 percent efficiency in temperatures as low as 13 degrees below zero. The manufacturer's Hot-Start technology is advertised as eliminating the typical warm-up period needed for many central heating options.

Advanced units offered by the company are equipped with zone monitoring features designed to track temperature and air quality in individual rooms and make automatic adjustments accordingly. Models utilizing Mitsubishi's i-see sensors are able to determine room occupancy and individual heat signatures. Some are likewise accompanied by smart controls, allowing owners remote operation.

Concluded Chapman, "Mitsubishi has made a name for itself across an array of industries, and the company is carrying on that tradition with its residential and commercial indoor climate control options. Mini-split systems are less expensive to install and operate, and they offer heating and cooling on a room-by-room basis as opposed to traditional units covering an entire home or level from a central source. Anyone who has questions or is interested in having one of these systems installed is encouraged to contact us for more information."

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