Hair Harmony and You Offers Affordable, Natural Hair Transplant Service

Those with hair thinning or hair loss issues can now fly to India to let the ISHRS registered doctor from HHY Hair Transplant Clinic provide hair graft services for $1

Hair loss in women affects approximately 50 percent of people, while 40 percent of men suffer noticeable hair loss by the age 35, up to 65 percent by age 60 and approximately 80 percent by the age 80. Male and female pattern baldness and hair loss are the most common conditions.

In an effort to help those suffering from hair loss issues, Hair Harmony and You invites individuals from around the world to fly to India for fast, effective and affordable hair transplant services.

"At our clinic, where you can receive a hair transplant, offers clients the ability to get their natural hair back," stated a representative from HHY Hair Transplant Clinic Mumbai, India. "We offer the best hair transplant provided by an ISHRS registered doctor. Our services cost as little as $1 per graft. Our main goal is client satisfaction and we believe that each person deserves to be happy and satisfied with the full head of hair they want and deserve."

A person loses hair each day. In fact, normal hair loss is considered 100 hairs per day, with the average scalp having more than 100,000 hair follicles. Any loss that exceeds this amount is considered abnormal and leads to an array of hair loss conditions. In fact, alopecia areata affects one person in 100 and genetics play a significant role in one out of every five cases.

"Right now, we offer a wide array of treatment options for our clients," continued the company representative. "Some of our most popular services include hair transplant, fut trichophytic, follicular unit extraction, scalp micropignmentation, hair rejuvenation, eyebrow/mustache/beard hit, body hair extraction and others. We encourage anyone suffering hair loss to contact our facility today to schedule an appointment."

More information about the hair transplant techniques offered by Hair Harmony and You can be found by visiting the company's website. Those interested in whether or not the techniques are successful can visit this link,, to see one of the many success stories of a client.


The Hair Harmony and You company is headed by Dr. Shakti, who is an ISHRS registered doctor. At this clinic, patients receive all the innovative, modern techniques used for hair transplantation today, including programs that are result oriented. Each of the treatments are offered at extremely affordable prices, which ensures everyone in need of hair transplant services can get them. The main motto of the company is "You Deserve to be happy," and the top priority is to exceed expectations for each client that undergoes hair transplant services.

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