GymJunkies LLC Announces Shut Down After Placed on American Express MATCH List

Stolen identity and fraudulent charges led to shutting down after being placed on American Express MATCH or TMF list

In 2016, more than $15.4 million was stolen from consumers and business owners in the U.S. because of identity theft. This is a prevalent problem that is growing across the country, leading to the financial ruin of many.

Terry Asher, owner and founder of Gymjunkies LLC, recently found out the hardships of identity theft first-hand, after being put on the American Express “MATCH” or “TMF” (terminated merchant file) list. This list prohibits companies or individuals from accepting American Express, Master Card and Visa payments.

“The effect of this decision has devastated the businesses,” stated John Smith, Gym Junkies LLC representative. “After GymJunkies Shut Down From American Express actions, our company was unable to accept or process any type of payments, leaving us with no options to collect fees for the services and products we offered. Even worse, it was virtually impossible to get the “full story” from American Express customer service agents until an attorney was hired.”

While Asher never experienced issues with any of his accounts through American Express, his identity was stolen, lines of credit opened with incorrect Social Security numbers, fraudulent charges made and then chargebacks requested. This resulted in his name and company being added to the list of unapproved vendors. Unfortunately, American Express has not taken action to help correct the issue even though Asher has hired an attorney and proved the accounts were not a result of his actions.”

With more than 15 million victims per year, identity theft is an epidemic throughout the country. It is a problem that is continuing to grow, as evident by the many issues in the news of late. GymJunkies founder and staff are now asking others to step in and help them get their case with American Express resolved.

“We believe there is power in numbers,” continued Smith. “Our goal is to resolve the situation so we can begin offering our loyal customers access to GymJunkies information, products and services once again.”

More information about this situation and the steps being taken to help resolve it can be found by visiting the website.


GymJunkies, LLC was begun by Terry Asher after helping his best friend lose more than 70 pounds. With this success under his belt, Terry was encouraged to become a full-time trainer online, knowing that he could help others achieve their goals.

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