Guangxue Media Participated in the 2019 Middle East (Dubai) International Advertising and Technology Equipment Exhibition

With the advent of the era of information fragmentation, various forms of advertising have sprung up in people's field of vision.

With the advent of the era of information fragmentation, various forms of advertising have sprung up in people's field of vision. The advertising competition in today's era is the competition of attention. Advertising with an efficient communication of attributes—— elevator projection ads stand out in many media formats!

In order to further explore the international market and carry out the international strategic layout, from January 13th to 15th, Guangxue Media attended the SGI Dubai International Advertising Exhibition, the largest advertising equipment exhibition in the Middle East.

Guangxue Media has set up a special equipment exhibition area for the exhibition, and demonstrated the long short-focus elevator advertising equipment X-ONE and G-ONE. The beautiful combination of advertising creativity and technological innovation has attracted the curiosity and attention of many customers. Guangxue Media has made a big splash at the Dubai show with its unique advertising format. The booth is full of people and becoming an indispensable landscape in this Dubai exhibition.

Through the camera of the new elevator projection equipment, big data analysis can be carried out, and black technology such as intelligent delivery and audience analysis can be displayed on the spot. The AI big data system can be used to analyze the age, gender and peak period of the advertising audience. Providing more decision data for advertisers to serve, making ads serving more efficient. Through the live experience, people from the world have enjoyed themselves, and they said that this is the pioneering move of the elevator advertising industry. The unique position advantage of the main entrance of the elevator, combined with the huge projection advertising screen, supplemented by artificial intelligence big data analysis technology, will usher a new era of elevator advertising.

Up till now, Guangxue Media has deployed in more than 130 cities in China, initially forming a large-scale network of the country, achieving full coverage of high-end office buildings and elites in the core cities. Elevators are an indispensable infrastructure in the process of urbanization, and the elevator advertising market will continue to improve in line with the development of urbanization. The participation of Guangxue Media in the SGI Dubai International Advertising Exhibition, brought the latest elevator projection advertising equipment, demonstrated the brand image and innovative research and development capabilities, and took a solid step in exploring overseas markets! Under the initiative of the “One Belt, One Road” strategic policy, economic exchanges between countries have become more prosperous and cultural exchanges have become smoother. Guangxue Media will let more countries to see the innovative power of Chinese media.

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