GTA 5 Cheats Publishes New Mobile App GTA Cheater has created a new mobile app that helps Grand Theft Auto V fans get the best from the game, with the app being available for download now from the iTunes store and Google Play.

Grand Theft Auto V, lovingly referred to by fans as GTA 5, is one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful video games of all time. The game is based in an immersive and expansive world where almost anything is possible. It has seen dedicated and casual players alike rack up hundreds of hours of play at which point they are probably looking for new in-game experiences. Cheats provide a great way of reinventing the GTA V experience, and GTA 5 Cheats specializes in providing them. They have just created a new downloadable app which features a virtual encyclopedia of GTA single player cheats available for both iOS and Android powered mobile devices.

The new GTA 5 Cheats app has an intuitive easy-to-navigate interface allowing gamers to select the device they are playing on and the kind of cheats they want to use, from effects on the player’s character to effects on the game world’s physics, and more. Users can then scroll through all the available cheat codes with easily understandable details of how to enter and activate them correctly.

The app is fast, smooth and comprehensive, with all cheats posted to the GTA 5 Cheats website being syndicated to the app in real-time. This means app users will never miss a cheat. Best of all, the app is completely free of charge.

A spokesperson for GTA 5 Cheats explained, “We understand that apps are the best way of obtaining and interacting with content on your phone, so we have committed to offering both an Apple and Android compatible app that will provide GTA 5 gamers with easy, instant access to cheat codes. This will make playing Grand Theft Auto V a more varied and enjoyable experience than ever before.”

About GTA 5 Cheats: GTA 5 Cheats is an unofficial source for cheat codes, guides, hints, tips and tricks for the record breaking video game Grand Theft Auto V. Millions of video gamers rely on GTA 5 Cheats each month to bring them the latest and greatest single player cheats for GTA V, as well as a plethora of strategy guides and insights to create the best experience possible.

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