Group 4 Networks Offers IT Outsourcing Options for Managed IT Services

To ensure success with outsourcing, group 4 networks explains steps to be taken.

Companies frequently turn to IT Outsourcing options, in large part thanks to cloud computing services. In August 2012, Gartner, an IT research firm, estimated the worldwide market for IT outsourcing would reach $251.7 billion in 2012. Although many businesses choose to make use of this option, when certain steps aren't taken before the move is made, Managed IT Services frequently don't provide the support clients want and need.

"Sadly, when it comes to IT outsourcing, CIOs concentrate on the contract itself and what it contains, such as additional resource charges and cost models. Although these are of great importance, this focus tends to neglect other variables which are needed for a successful partnership," Damir Grubisa of Group 4 Networks declares.

CIOs, and everyone in a company making use of IT outsourcing, need to understand that this is a partnership and that they aren't turning all control over to the IT support firm. "The outsourcer works to assist the business, rather than making decisions that directly impact the client and his or her company. The CIO must continue to control major IT decisions and our company recognizes this," Grubisa continues.

Before creating the partnership, a CIO must understand the company's priorities, structure, strategy and more as the IT partner doesn't have the inside information needed to make informed decisions which benefit the company. "Group 4 Networks wants to help your business succeed, but we don't know the skill sets of employees or the culture of your company nor do we sit in on strategy meetings. Although our staff will, over time, integrate with yours, this doesn't happen immediately. For this reason, we need the CIO to have a full understanding of his or her company to make this process easier," Grubisa goes on to say.

Group 4 Networks offers a wide range of services along with IT support to make this process easier. "Our success depends on your success. As a result, we offer suggestions and steps which companies may take before and during the IT outsourcing process to increase the odds of a favorable outcome. Contact us today and we'll work with you to establish an IT partnership that helps move your company forward," Grubisa states.

About Group 4 Networks:
Group 4 Networks strives to be a partner in each client's IT success, working to achieve this goal through their virtual desktop, online solutions, IT consultancy and service desk. From cloud desktop hosting and email hosting to business continuity and network monitoring, Group 4 Networks understands what clients want and need from their IT services and works to provide this for each customer they work with. Partnering with companies such as Datto Backup and 3CX Phone System, Group 4 Networks provides the products and services clients want and need.

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