Greater Minds Ltd. Announces the Making of The Secret Starring Katie Holmes

The Secret is based on The Law of Attraction, a popular book authored by Rhonda Byrne which has sold more than 30 million copies, reports

Greater Minds, publishers of announces the making of The Secret Movie. Rhonda Byrne authored and published this best-selling self-help book in 2006 and, since that time, the book has sold more than 30 million copies across the globe. It is now being made into a movie starring Katie Holmes. The movie is based on the key teaching in this book and is expected to be a huge hit. Furthermore, it will help individuals learn how they can manifest exactly what they want in life. This is a message many sorely need to hear, and the movie delivers the message by crafting a story around the core principles of the Law of Attraction.

"Some individuals who read the book feel like they cannot relate to the principles outlined in the book. The movie looks to change this, with the hope being it will empower viewers to truly change their lives. As evidenced by book sales, this is a topic that draws many people to learn more. The movie The Secret should have a positive impact on millions and will attract people thanks to the celebrity cast," Paul Gunter,
co-founder of Greater Minds, announces.

Some individuals aren't familiar with the law of attraction, however. Basically, this law states that any event in a person's life, whether it be positive or negative, is the result of an attraction to that individual. Where a person places their focus directly impacts what happens to them. Thus, individuals who surround themselves with negativity will have negative things happen, while a person who is always positive and ensures their environment is the same will have more positive events in their life.

"A person who understands the law of attraction will find that changes they make in their life have a positive impact. With this information the individual has more control over the future and what it holds. However, some people find they understand the law, but aren't sure how to put it to work in their own life. The Law Of Attraction Movie will be of help in learning how to make this happen," Paul Gunter continues.

People often assume major changes must be made in their life to attract more positive in their life. Nothing is further from the truth. Even small changes have a major impact on the person and, with practice, these changes become second nature. Visualization and affirmations are two skills any individual can learn.

"Rhonda Byrne has stated she is eagerly anticipating the release of this movie. She feels it will not only help those who have read the book and are working to put the principles of the Law of Attraction to work in their life, but will introduce the law to countless others. Every person deserves to have what they want out of life and, with the help of this movie, quite a few will achieve this goal," Paul Gunter states.

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