GreaseBook Introduces New Tool to Make Finding Oilfield Pumper Jobs Easy introduces Contract Pumpers to Oil & Gas Companies that have wells that need pumping

The year 2018 is when the "share economy" reached its peak and it continues to grow month after month. Uber and Airbnb are two of the biggest players in this new "share mindset." This leaves many asking if the trend will reach other industries, such as the oil field.

According to GreaseBook, the answer is yes. This innovative company has recently introduced The Pumper Mesh which introduces contract pumpers to oil and gas companies that have wells that need pumping.

"For several years, the oil and gas industry has focused on the concept of the digital oil field, working to replace the human element with SCADA systems and sensors," stated GreaseBook spokesperson Greg Archbald. "Unfortunately, these systems are widely cost-prohibitive to both small and midsized independent business owners, and they require an extremely high level of experience to not only design but also deploy. This has left many in this industry unable to reap the benefits the technology offers - now, there's another option."

While the concept of the digital oilfield is innovative and screams "moving forward," the oil field may not be ready. A better option is to find individuals in the local area, available to provide the pumping services needed. The site is designed to make finding nearby workers easy and efficient. Pumpers searching for jobs nearby can use the site in a similar manner.

"Our directory is free to use and allows those searching for pumping services to source pumpers by county and to contact the pumpers directly," continued Archbald. "We don't even require you to be a GreaseBook user to take advantage of this directory listing - it really is that easy to use."

Those who are interested can Find out more about The Pumper Mesh offered by GreaseBook by visiting the website.


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