Graphus Launches Latest Lineup of Cybersecurity Solutions Due to Growing Threats

Safeguarding businesses against threats not covered by other security solutions helps prevent significant loss, publishes

One hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds according to the latest reports from the cybersecurity sector. Recent figures indicate cybercriminals amassed more than $600 billion last year alone, making hacking more profitable than the worldwide illegal drug trade. Phishing has become one of the top methods used by hackers to steal information. In light of these developments, Manoj Srivastava of foremost cybersecurity expert, Graphus has launched the company's latest lineup of security solutions.

"Businesses lose hundreds of billions of dollars each year at the hands of hackers," said Srivastava, "and the numbers are only going to grow during the years to come as cybercriminals continue to develop new threats. Conventional security options are only marginally effective against certain issues, and they're not set up to handle phishing at all. This means businesses aren't protected against as much as 90 percent of common data breaches using standard alternatives. Our technology is designed to seek out those fraudulent attempts to gain sensitive information, so clients can rest assured they're completely safeguarded against attacks."

Based on information from the Graphus website,, the company's cybersecurity solutions are based on algorithms designed specifically for detecting social engineering attempts and other suspicious activities. These algorithms are combined with graph theory in various ways to measure threats and compare security risks among other factors. Machine learning has also been incorporated into the process for more thorough gauging, detection and protection. The company's security products can be integrated with other measures as well.

Graphus' patented TrustGraph AI technology analyzes the profiles of permitted users within a company to determine trusted relationships and further prevent phishing attacks. The company's cybersecurity platform generates instant notifications when suspicious activity or malicious emails are detected. Warning messages created by Graphus' EmployeeShield then use recipients' actions to further improve defenses against future hacking attempts.

Concluded Srivastava, "Those are only a few of the features included in our exclusive cybersecurity suite. Metrics, reporting and a wide range of other options are also available, and our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each client we serve. Our team has developed additional resources for clients as well, such as our spear phishing webinar. We invite anyone in need of improved cybersecurity options to view our product demo and contact us for further details on how we can help protect their businesses."

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As a leader in the field of cybersecurity and social engineering detection and prevention, Graphus combines patented technology with big data algorithms and machine learning to ramp up security for businesses of all sizes and types.

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