Graphics Software Creation Company Makes Free GIF Maker Available for Download

New GIF making software allows computer users to quickly and easily create animated GIF files by threading together multiple images into an animation.

service provider, in 1987. Since then it has become one of the world’s most dominant file formats. In the past it was used as a way to transfer graphics without using as much bandwidth as higher definition file formats, but now it tends to be used to create animations that can be easily shared.

A new solution that is helping people create their own animated gifs is Free GIF Maker. This intuitive new piece of software has been designed to help people make an animated GIF extremely easily and quickly, even if they have no previous knowledge of animation or the animated GIF creation process.

The software works on the same principle as an animated flickbook. The user builds up the animation frame by frame using a sequence of images. The software gives the user a great deal of control over the animation, allowing them to use all of the functionality that is possible with the animated gif format. Animations can be created in a range of different sizes.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Animated GIFs were incredibly popular on the early Internet, and in recent years they have experienced something of a resurgence. Sites like Tumblr and 4Chan now see thousands of animated gifs being posted every day. Naturally computer users are curious about how they can create their own GIFs to share online. In the past, complex and expensive graphics software was required to create a seamless animated GIF, but we’ve made it much easier. We’ve created a completely free piece of software that allows people to make a GIF quickly. This isn’t just useful for people who wish to create hilarious images to show their friends online, it can also be used by creative and savvy marketers to create viral exposure for their brand.”

About the Creators of Free GIF Maker
The same people who have released Free Picture Resizer, an incredibly successful free application designed to resize photos quickly, have created free GIF Maker. The company specializes in providing extremely high quality graphics manipulation software. All of their software applications are completely free to download.

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