Grandson, The Most Interesting and Promising NFT Mining Project of 2020

The NFT concept token MEME exploded in the past few days. Many people could not believe as they saw it rise from 200 U to nearly 2,000 U. For the early received 350 airdrop users, is directly earned a suite.

The NFT concept token MEME exploded in the past few days. Many people could not believe as they saw it rise from 200 U to nearly 2,000 U. For the early received 350 airdrop users, is directly earned a suite.

The wealth effect has led to the NFT to heat up quickly, and people have shifted their attention from Fluid mining to NFT.

As a player of Half-way Get in MEME, I have been paying attention of NFT. Fluid mining has become boring. We haven't made much money, and the service charge a lot.

The market needs new blood. MEME is a representative, but MEME will not be the only one. Lately I found a copy of MEME, the project with the name Grandson, spread in some communities.

At first I didn't look at Grandson at all, but when I looked at the project description and the progress chart, I thought Grandson would be the most interesting and promising NFT mining project in 2020.

This project is interesting, because the project starts with ridicule and satire of Justin Sun. They want to build a cultural community about Justin Sun. This project is completely target for Justin Sun, Once Justin Sun has the topic heat, this project has the topic heat.

The name of the project was Grandson (Is to insult Justin Sun is the grandson?). The token is called SON. The total amount is 90730. A while ago, Justin Sun released token SUN, and the token of this project is called SON. What its important is that the amount of token is related to Justin Sun's birthday, 19900730.

In addition, the project satirizes Tron for copying Ethereum code, leading some to speculate that it was done by someone in Ethereum community.

No matter who did it, from the perspective of core logic, this project is as same as MEME, token airdrop. Users can use the token airdrop to mining and exchange it for NFT card, and then trade NFT card in the secondary market.

Someone would say, like MEME, but Grandson sounds like a joke. Can he make himself? At first we'll analyze why MEME gets hot, and then look at the project Grandson.

(1)Token Distributed by Airdrop

MEME started out as a joke, but it worked. Its tokens are distributed by airdrop, and the tokens are obtained at almost no cost, which allows a lot of people receiving the airdrop to spontaneously pay attention to the project, which forms the foundation of the community. Like Grandson, most of the tokens were handed out, a real community project.

I observed that, though the dropping of Grandson had not yet begun, members of the Chinese community had spontaneously preached and disseminated, which in some ways reflected the approval of Grandson's community project.

(2)Fair Scarcity game

MEME is popular, and one of the important reason is that it is a relatively fair scarcity game. The first generation amount of token was small, with only 28,000 in total, which was the price of a single token with huge room to rise. Grandson had more than 90,000 tokens, although more than MEME, the total amount of tokens is quite scarce in the whole token circle.

Second, there is a hard top for the number of tokens that can be used for mining. Each user can pledge only five MEME, which makes the competition between large and small investors relatively fair.

Mining for fruits and vegetables is not popularize enough. If a mining project can offer opportunities to retail investors, it will attract a lot of people. MEME is like that, Grandson is also like that. Even if the specific mining rule are not posted, but we expected that Grandson would adopt MEME's fair mining rule.

(3)Celebrity Effect

I know about MEME because of the founder of YFI, who recommended the project on Twitter. He recommended the project only because MEME launched NFT in his image.

Similarly, Grandson used the celebrity effect, the celebrity was Justin Sun. As long as the token exists, Justin Sun will do something. As long as Justin Sun kept on doing things, Grandson could keep playing.

I believe that if Justin Sun sees this project, he will pay attention. Although it is to ridicule himself, for Justin Sun, ridicule is also a kind of attention. who would not like market attention?

Justin Sun rely on others topic heat, Grandson rely on Justin Sun's topic heat, incredible!

(4)Cultural Attribute

The first three points relate to the similarities of Grandson and MEME. But the fourth, personally, the value of the Grandson project, which is the cultural attributes.

 There's a type of token called meme token, which is a kind of community-driven currency that gets hot for no reason at all. MEME is this kind of token, and Dogecoin. But these two tokens don't really have much cultural attributes. The purpose of Grandson is wanted to be a community culture of ridicule and irony, and the token was just the proof of the community, possibly rising hundreds or even thousands of times, but more valuable to this project is its cultural core.

Just like Bilibili, It started out as an aggregation of the two dimensions(ACGN), but gradually you will find that it becomes the territory of youth culture. People chat with bullet screen, cut funny and satirical videos and so on.

Grandson is doing what Bilibili does, the youth culture with the token circles.

If it could build a culture, this community would be the most successful one, which is why I think Grandson is potential.

But these are more long-term things, recently they will start airdrop, we can pay attention. This is their first step, if the first step goes well, I believe they will got a successful future.

Finally, let's get the airdrop together!





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