GoWit urges telecom companies to be effective ad tech players in a cookieless world

AdTech solutions company GoWit offers capabilities that will turn telecom companies into the new “walled gardens” of online marketing.

GoWit, a full-service AdTech solutions company established in 2019, announced that they offer capabilities that will turn telecom companies, who have access to immense amounts of user data, into the new "walled gardens" of online marketing.

“Establishing closed ecosystems, referred to as a ‘walled garden’ in the marketing industry, is no easy task,” GoWit Co-Founder & CEO Emrah Adsan says. “Walled garden is a strong concept for advertiser brands. If a company becomes a walled garden, it holds immense power and revenue at hand, while at the same time it is free of other walled gardens dominance. Telecom companies are candidates to be the walled gardens in the future of advertising, as data is the new oil and they possess strongholds of real data.”

Almost two thirds of ad spending goes to Google, Facebook and Amazon
“Most conversations about online marketing center around Google, Facebook, and Amazon,” he says. According to market research company eMarketer, US digital ad spending exceeded $200 billion in 2021, growing 38.3% from 2020. The three platforms accounted for 64% of all digital ad spend in the US, which is roughly the same share they had in 2020.

GoWit enables companies with high digital ad spends to create a digital advertising world of their own by prioritizing transparency, ownership and efficiency. Companies that want to use their own infrastructure in programmatic advertising, can eliminate commissions, non-transparent processes, and the need to rely elsewhere. GoWit serves telecom companies primarily alongside big brands, publishers, media agencies and e-commerce marketplaces with their programmatic know-how, flexibility and latest technology. “Telecom providers make high ad spends every year using programmatic technologies. In fact, a sophisticated telecom provider can use the same amount of money to reach at least x5 more contacts,” says GoWit Co-Founder & CEO Emrah Adsan.

A real growth area for telecom
“Google announced that it will phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome at the end of 2023. There is a great opportunity for telecom companies to become effective ad tech players in order to eliminate the problem of browsing in the cookieless world and reach consumers efficiently,” Adsan says. “If a telecom operator really wants to use customer data efficiently, it should seriously think about its own advertising technologies. This technology allows full use of data and efficient use of advertising budgets to take the performance of Telco marketing campaigns to a next level. This is a real growth area for businesses.”

Increasing pressure to embrace digital technologies
“Over the past 2 years, organizations have faced increasing pressure to adopt digital technologies and meet changing consumer expectations. We believe that this trend will continue in the coming years. As data becomes embedded in every decision, it will always be crucial to manage data effectively” says GoWit Co-Founder & CEO Emrah Adsan. “The way customer data is collected, used and regulated has changed tremendously over the past decade. This shift is expected to have profound implications for digital marketers who may no longer rely on third party cookies to boost the efficacy of customer reach.”

Best-in-class AdTech solutions
Rapidly accelerating technologies are changing what it means to be “data driven.” The advanced technology provided by the agile development teams of GoWit meets the requirements of any digital advertising stakeholder of today. The company provides its partners with the necessary resources to plan, build, and maintain best-in-class AdTech solutions, from UX/UI design, to frontend and backend engineering, to infrastructure management.

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